13rushes Masterclass Contouring Kit: Review

13rushes Masterclass Contouring Kit
How are you doing all week? It’s Friday already, time really zooms past huh? 😉 Today’s going to be a review on some brushes I have been loving! I have been loving makeup brushes from 13rushes for a while now ever since I bought a set of 8!
13rushes aspires to bring cruelty-free alternatives to beauty lovers all over the world. They believe looking great doesn’t equate to harming animals. Contrary to popular beliefs, getting fur off animals isn’t as pain-free as a haircut.  Every year, millions of animals are trapped and strangled in the wild, electrocuted and skinned in fur farms. Beauty should never come at the expense of the animals. As such, 13rushes brushes are 100% free of animal parts. Simply put, cruelty-free. They are individually handcrafted and made of synthetic HD fibres for that pixel-perfect look!
Courtesy of Yuhui and Charlene of 13rushes, I got the chance to experiment with the NEW Masterclass Contouring Kit – a kit consisting of 3 vegan brushes for that perfect sculpted look! Thank you 13rushes! 🙂
In the Masterclass Contouring Kit, there are 3 brushes, namely:
  • Ultimate Shader
    • Most versatile finishing brush
    • Shades, defines and highlights
    • Brilliant with all powders
    • Stiff and dense bristles
    • Sculpts and contours jawline and cheekbones
    • Amazing with creams and liquids
    • Tapered and ultra soft bristles
    • Pixel perfect illuminating finish
    • Great with blushers and highlighting powders
After using these brushes for about 3 weeks or so now, I am absolutely pleased with the Ultimate Shader as well as the Tapered Highlighter! I have to say that I cannot live without these 2 now for my finishing powder and highlighter! Let’s look into each brush and I’ll pen down my thoughts for each brush in detail.
Ultimate Shader – my favourite!
The reason why I really like this brush is because it’s really huge, allowing less time in applying my finishing powder to my entire face. Also, its bristles are very fluffy and slightly dense to be able to pick up product enough for the face. I use this as a blush brush occasionally and just a tap on the cheeks you’re ready to go! Even though this may be used for contour, I find that the shape is too large for my cheeks! Still love it for finishing my makeup.
Flat Top Sculpting
I feel that this brush is great if you are using liquids for contouring, but for me, I usually use powders and my experience with this brush isn’t all that great. I personally adore the shape because it sits on the hollows of my cheeks perfectly, allowing accurate deposition and blending of contour products. However, due to the dense bristles, I find it a little hard to blend my bronzer. I would definitely require something less dense but of the same shape for my daily contour routine!
Tapered Highlighteranother holy grail!
When I say holy grail, I mean it! I know that having a brush for highlighter sounds ridiculous for some people but for someone with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) like me, I prefer a brush for every function – finishing, blush, contour, highlight, foundation etc. This brush is perfect for me to apply my highlighting powders because of the shape and less dense bristles. It allows for easy blending and application. What I really love about it is its ability to blend like a dream! With this, I won’t have to worry about overdoing my highlighter! Hmm.. maybe I should start using this for contour now…
These are usually the products I use with the Masterclass Contouring Kit:
  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette
  • Ettusais BB Mineral Compact
  • Tarte 12-hr Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful (I use a variety of blushers)
  • Milani Baked Bronzer in Sienna (I use Benefit’s Hoola as well)
Some pictures to show how/where I use the brushes.
Hope this review is helpful to you if you are looking for new brushes to complement your daily makeup routine! 🙂
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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