4 Singapore Skincare brands you should know of

4 Singapore Skincare brands you should know of

Estée Lauder, L’Oréal and Luxasia carry international beauty brands that we are all familiar with. These beauty giants may house some of the best skincare brands, but sometimes, it takes a local to truly know what our skin need. With Singapore being in a tropical climate, it is hot and humid all year round. Local skincare experts show us how to take care of our skin in this highly unpredictable weather.

I’ve rounded up 4 local skincare brands that every Singaporean girl should check out:

  1. Allies of Skin

Allies of Skin is the first brand out of the four that I’ve tried. The brand’s approach to skincare is all about effective and clinically-proven actives into clean formulas. The products are designed with our busy lifestyles in mind so that we maximise the functions of smart formulations that support our skin’s health.


Product to try: Molecular Saviour Mist (now known as the Molecular Saviour Probiotics Repair Mist)

The mist is a total godsend for thirsty skin. Packed with aloe, a rose water base and a rejuvenating blend of probiotics and antioxidants such as Lactobacillus Ferment and Acai Berry, the mist helps to balance out my skin. Whenever I have an allergy or acne outbreak, the mist never fails to calm and soothe my skin. I usually mist before I apply moisturiser, then mist once more after to thoroughly lock in the nutrients and moisture.


  1. RE:ERTH

I was first introduced to RE:ERTH a couple of years ago when the brand was born. RE:ERTH actually means “Re-encountering Earth”. It represents the brand’s desire to help everyone be in touch with nature, by using only nature-derived actives that are impactful and immersive.

Known for its usage of Japanese White Turmeric, the brand strives to deliver “mochi-skin” – a complexion that is smooth, soft and bright – like the mochi (or rice cake) we eat.


Products to try: Multi-Targeted Elixir (MTE) & Blemish Control

The Multi-Targeted Elixir, better known as the MTE, is mochi-skin in a bottle. The lightweight serum absorbs in 10 seconds, leaves no residue with a velvety-skin feel. I’ve been using the MTE and it made my skin appear brighter and well-hydrated. I think it kinda lightened my acne pigmentation too. I like to combine the MTE with the Blemish Control, the ultimate blemish treatment for clearer pores and a healthy glow. When used together, I find that my skin feels calmer, smoother, and free from pimples!


  1. Kew Organics

Kew Organics is founded by natural beauty and organic skincare advocate, Lily Kew, when she was battling acne issues. She first opened Kew Organics Facial Bar in 2014 to introduce results-oriented and pampering bespoke organic facial and body treatments. The business then quickly developed and we have the birth of Kew Organics skincare and Sugar K Organic Peel Bar.


Products to try: Clear Skin Treatment Essence

As a teen, I’ve also had my rough times with acne. In fact, now in my late-twenties, I’m still battling hormonal acne! The Clear Skin Treatment Essence is my go-to during my breakout days. The essence contains over 90% certified organic ingredients such as Rose, Aloe, Gotu Kola and Liquorice Root. Together, they help hydrate, replenish, soothe, lighten pigmentation and balance sebum production. The serum also has Snow Fungus, a natural super-hydrator, to deeply hydrate so that the skin can repair itself effectively. I love this essence because of the powerful ingredients and the fast-absorbing qualities. It’s a total breakout saver!



HYSSES (乡术, meaning ‘arts from the village’) is a homegrown brand and was created organically, inspired by the wisdom of nature. I personally feel that the brand is very strong in their scents and fragrances, especially essential oils.


Product to try: Geranium Chamomile Micellar Cleansing Toner

I’ve tried so many micellar waters and by far this is the best when it comes to cleansing. I use a super waterproof mascara every day (Too Faced BTS Waterproof Mascara) that many micellar waters can’t remove. When this could, I was completely sold! This micellar water isn’t your regular cleansing liquid. It also doubles up as a toner that helps to balance our skin’s pH and tighten it. There are 5 variants to the cleansing toner, but my favourite is Geranium Chamomile – I just love the scent!

So, even though we’re just a little red dot on the world map, we have so much more in us. These local skincare brands prove that we too, know our consumers’ skin and can develop great and effective products! The next time you’re looking for clean, effective skincare, why not take a look at our very own homegrown labels?

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Some products are provided by the respective brands for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brands. I am NOT compensated by the brands to provide this article.

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