Achieve a soft-focus effect with Etude House’s Beauty Shot Face Blur: Review

Etude House's Beauty Shot Face Blur
In this what we call the “Selfie Generation”, it has become natural that people are meticulously screening images of themselves just to look perfect for social media. Sometimes, the most natural complexion on selfies we see are not as “natural” as we think they are. I mean, come on, most of the ridiculously great skin we see on social media have either gone through camera/app filters and/or have undergone the magic transformation powers of makeup.
Speaking of which, Etude House has launched a brand new product, the Beauty Shot Face Blur, designed just to help you attain selfie-ready skin! If you wish that there is a real-life Photoshop function, this is it!

This multi-purpose product comes in a soft cream texture that helps smoothen your complexion to create the appearance of firm and plump skin. The amalgamation of precious powders in this product serves to give you that flawless, beautiful radiance:

  • Airy Skin Powder: allows skin to breathe comfortably without being weighed down
  • Baby Pixel Powder: comprises of extremely fine particles to help smoothen out skin texture
  • Cover Powder: combining a highly transparent Plate Powder, which helps maintain a bright complexion, with Amati Pearl™, which comprises fine glow particles that spread evenly and firmly across the skin



Even though it’s said that the product comes enhanced with the Sebum Control Effect which controls the production of sebum for long-lasting satin-smooth skin, I feel that people with oily skin may not appreciate this. Perhaps due to the radiance-enhancing properties, there is a tendency for this to make oily skin look even oilier, especially in that cream texture. Personally on my dry/combination skin, it works alright but I do need to blot my skin with a tissue after 4-5 hours of wear.


If you haven’t realised, the Beauty Shot Face Blur is a blurring makeup primer you apply at the last stage of your skincare regime, just before your makeup. I tried to capture my skin before and after using, but I just can’t show you the subtle effects this product gives, perhaps due to my very blemished skin condition right now. I did mention that my friends thought I went through some facial treatment to get this glowy effect on my skin but it was simply this product that set the foundation for my makeup. I gave up trying to capture me using on my skin and instead, here’s one from the brand itself.
It is recommended to be used with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion for a flawless finish but when used together, it makes my combination skin really oily so I suggest going with either one if your skin type is like mine. For dry skin types, it’s probably the perfect combination for you to achieve the glowy radiant complexion. My advice is to try 1 product at a time to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’r rush into trying all at the same time because you may end up causing more stress to your skin.
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Product was sent by the team from Etude House Singapore. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brands itself.

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