Battle acne and clogged pores with Fresver Beauty’s Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy: Review

Fresver Beauty's Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment

Finally some blogging time, dictating my facial experience at Fresver Beauty after what a super hectic and busy month! Apologies for the lack of updates but I am trying my best to blog as frequently as I can.

Anyway, these two months had been crazy for me and I really hadn’t found time to clear out the gunk in my skin until the Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy at Fresver. My skin saver~

As much as I wished for the best in my skin condition, without proper maintenance, my dear consultant analysed my skin and found that my pores are exceptionally clogged with hidden acne in the under layers of skin. My skin surface is very dry but oily deep inside which caused some outbreaks I experienced prior to this treatment.


The first step of every Fresver Beauty’s facial is a Welcome Aroma Ritual which I really enjoy because sniffing lavender oil helps me to feel relaxed. A brief comforting head massage further helped me relieve stress from all the pressure at work, before a double cleanse to take away my makeup.

The core of this treatment is the Hydra Exfoliation step in which a multi-function machine that is able to target a wide variety of skin problems, called the Hydra Perfect, is used with a customised softening ampoule to help dissolve debris and dead skin. Essentially, the machine produces alternating pulses of gentle vacuum suction and combined with vortex technology that pushes the product deep into the dermis layer to loosen and soften debris, skin congestion and clogged pores are effectively and thoroughly cleared. Importantly, this prevents future breakouts and allow the goodness from skincare products to penetrate the skin.

As my skin was really clogged, I was told that about 20-30% of my clogged pores were removed in this session, hence I will require another 3-4 sessions to thoroughly excavate all the gunk!

This new technology interestingly uses water to exfoliate, unlike traditional forms of exfoliation, hence you can be sure that your skin will not thin or be damaged in the process. I can see why the treatment won an award for “Best Perfecting Facial” by Singapore Women’s Weekly! 😉

Due to the fact that I haven’t been able to consistently head to my facial treatment because of work, this episode of Extraction was the most painful ever! It was so painful because there were too much to extract and despite my therapist being skilled and gentle, I actually teared because I forgot how the pain felt like. Honestly, if you have the problem of clogged pores, please do not delay when it comes to facial! You’ll suffer the consequences like I did…

As the extraction step opens up the pores, the skin can be susceptible to bacterial invasion, causing more acne problems, hence a machine is used for Anti-Bacterial Treatment for prevention. A stinging sensation may be felt followed by a burning smell but that’s all part of the process to have clean skin!

After a series of stressful events for the skin, Cryoboost Calming Therapy is employed. It is a refreshing therapy that is especially great for dry, sensitive or troubled skin. If you are a regular facial goer, you’ll be familiar with this machine responsible for calming your skin. Using an exclusive carrier plate that emits microsonic waves, this machine gently pushes a customised serum (in my case a calming + moisturising serum) into the skin.

I must say that this is one of the processes I truly enjoy because I can feel the icy cool plate lowering the temperature of my skin, soothing the redness and tightening pores in the process. It’s said to brighten, tighten and lift the skin too.

Whenever the Cryoboost Therapy is over, I always heave a sigh of relief inside. Partially because the war is over and also because I finally get to enjoy, starting with a Facial Point Massage! FYI, point massage is recommended for me due to my sensitive and acne-prone skin.

After the point massage, it was time for relaxation on the back and shoulders too! It was pretty relaxing but I felt that the pace could be slower while the pressure more manageable to soothe my senses and coax me to dreamland. It was still a comforting 10 minutes nevertheless.

Of course, every facial ends with a soothing mask time! A super cooling mask was used on me and I can’t quite pinpoint the smell of it but the overall experience gave me a good 10-15 minutes of quality nap time. That was how comfortable I was, to be able to nicely fall asleep. 🙂

Here’s my skin in comparison. You can see that even though post-facial skin was red and inflamed, it is generally much brighter and clearer. 3 days after the facial, I felt like I can walk out of my house without makeup! Feels that my skin is a lot more radiant and post-acne marks have lightened as well.
If you would like to try it yourself, Fresver has kindly extended to all you Paradeoflove readers!
Quote “BG-Roanna4” for a Special Trial of Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy @ SGD58
To redeem:
  • SMS your Name, Age and the Trial Code to +65 9011 1234
  • You must be first time customers of Fresver Beauty, aged 21-65 years old, with SG, PR, S or E Pass ONLY
  • Treatments are valid till 12 November 2016
Fresver Beauty is located at:
Tiong Bahru
840 Hougang Central
#01-04 Singapore 538757
Tel: (65) 6100 1513
5 Tampines Central 6 #01-23 Telepark
Singapore 529482
Tel: (65) 6100 1030
14 Scotts Road #05-18
Far East Plaza Singapore 228213
Tel: (65) 6100 8108
302 Tiong Bahru Road, Tiong Bahru Plaza, #01-162/163/164
Tel: (65) 6100 0126
(Opening in Sept ‘16)


Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Facial treatment was sponsored by Fresver Beauty for review consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated to the brand.

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