Beauty sleep redefined with LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask & Lip Sleeping Mask: Review

ANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

If there is one skincare product that I was thankful to discover, it is sleeping mask! I never knew sleeping masks could do so much wonder for the skin, just overnight! Try it for 10 nights and you’ll know what I mean.

As we know, lack of sleep will result in dull, dry and fatigued skin, but what if you just can’t get that amount of quality sleep required due to various reasons? Come May, K-beauty giant, LANEIGE, is launching 2 products that will redefine quality sleep for the skin – the 5th generation of its famous Water Sleeping Mask with its perfect match, the Lip Sleeping Mask (together with the cute bear with a Sleepscent™ which I will be talking about below).

Personally I’ve never tried the predecessors of the Water Sleeping Mask (formally known as Water Sleeping Pack) but I can’t seem to find any reason to not use it every night because it’s just amazing! What makes it so remarkable is the patented technologies that work synergistically to deeply purify, hydrate and soothe your skin as you sleep.

  • Purifying with Sleeptox™ – antioxidant-rich Hunza Apricot extract that helps to boost detoxification and purification ability of the skin; skin-healing Evening Primrose Root extract to help discharge accumulated contaminants from the skin
  • Hydrating with Moisture Wrap™ – A moisture-rich beta-glucan mineral network that forms a porous moisture film to lock in moisture and stabilizes the effective ingredients in SleeptoxTM, ensuring moisture to be continuously delivered deep into the skin throughout 8 hours
  • Soothing with Sleepscent™ – With natural fragrances from Orange flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, and Sandalwood Oil to help relax your body and mind to improve the quality of sleep

I’ve been trying to put off this review for as long as possible, just to test it out longer on my skin. True enough, this lives up to its expectations! Wake up to smooth, baby-like skin, and a complexion that looks like you’ve slept enough! The scent also makes you calm your senses and sleep better. In essence, this is one product you cannot miss if you are someone who always does late nights without a regular sleep cycle.

Since the skin is now deeply hydrated and healthy, it’s time for some nourishing for the lips. I’m pretty sure you won’t want to be spotted with dry, wrinkly lips so pucker up with the all-new Lip Sleeping Mask! Formulated with the powerful Moisture Wrap™ found in the Water Sleeping Mask, as well as the vitamin C-rich Berry Mix Complex™, the product gently melts and erases dry, flaky skin on the lips overnight.

  • Berry Mix Complex™ – consists of eight types of berries – raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, gojiberry, soapberry, cloudberry, and coffee berry

The potent antioxidants from these berries are extracted using a cutting-edge super-high pressure extraction technology, resulting in a highly concentrated complex that is absorbed easily by the skin. I must also say that this lip mask smells so berryliciously yummy that I had to taste it. It doesn’t taste like anything though so don’t bother eating/tasting it.

Even though it feels weird slabbing on some gooey stuff on the lips before bed (with the high possibility of smearing it everywhere on your bed), this lip mask works very well in hydrating your lips as you can see from my not-so-perfect lip photo right after removing the mask in the morning. What you get is a pair of soft, supple and kissable lips!

The Water Sleeping Mask (70ml) retails at $42 and the Lip Sleeping Mask (20g) retails at $27 and will be available at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques from 7 May 2015 onwards.

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by the team from LANEIGE Singapore for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. 

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