Bigger, Blacker, and Bolder with Clio Kill Black Liners: Review & Swatches

Clio Kill Black Liners
If you have been a reader of, or a follower of @paradeoflove, by now, you probably know the categories of makeup I have tons of (eyeshadows because you can never go wrong with a myriad of colours and textures to play with) and those that I stick close to certain brands (eyeliners and mascaras for obvious reasons). If you are new to ParadeOfLove, for mascaras and eyeliners, I have my holy grail products that I constantly go back to, namely YSL and Shu Uemura for mascaras and for eyeliner, just the Maybelline Lasting Pen Gel Liner. I just love them for they work wonders for me.
Being a loyalist to my gel liner, I never understood the need for liquid eyeliners. I know that liquid eyeliners are probably the easiest to start with but for some reason, I disliked them because I can never get them to stay on my lids for a whole day out. With Clio’s latest release, the Kill Black Eyeliners changed my perspective of liquid eyeliners. It’s a big statement to say and you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, she’s saying that because she got sponsored those eyeliners”, but hold that thought till you’ve gone through the entire review, alright?

Just like every girl needs her little black dress, without a doubt, she needs her little black liner too. (Let’s establish the fact that eyeliner makes a whole lot of difference to the eyes, shall we?) So what makes the Clio Kill Black Eyeliners appeal to me?

Primarily, other than the matte and blue holographic (you’ll know what I mean when you read forward) packaging, there are 3 different types of eyeliners in this product range, catering to your different needs and above it all, they are waterproof. Yes, that’s the deal.
The first, the Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Brush Liners. Each eyeliner comes in a box with a travel-sized makeup remover, perfect for correcting any makeup mistakes or just for your makeup removal when you travel!
(The matte gunmetal packaging, coupled with the classy font, spells sleek and classy.)
The eyeliners, as the names suggest, come in thin, pointed brush tips. This is probably what most girls prefer because you can easily draw thick or thin lines with the precise tips (except me, but I am slowly getting the hang of drawing a thin cat-eye flick with these). Despite the higher concentration of carbon (upped to 7g from the usual 6.8g) in these reformulated eyeliners, I find the brush liners to be less pigmented than the pen ones. Probably because of the thinner tips and the more liquid-like texture, you have to layer the formula twice for a darker line. I guess it’s not much of an issue if you want less pigmentation for a softer look.
Before I move on, I want to mention that the Kill Brown Eyeliners in general are amazing! Most brown liners in the market aren’t that concentrated plus they fade away easily, but, I am seriously impressed with the pigmentation of these!
Moving on to the sisters of the brush liners – the Kill Black/Brown Waterproof Pen Liners. They are my favourite in this product range, for the very reason that they have sturdy felt tips! I remember the last time I used a felt tip eyeliner, it was total horror trying to get the pigmentation right. These pen liners are undoubtedly stunning with the jet black/chocolate brown pigmentation intensities. The sturdy felt tips allow for control while not compromising on the ability to draw a thin wing. Honestly, after using these, I have stashed my holy grail aside for more than a week already! I could never put it down, not even for the highly-raved K-Palette liners. If there is anything you want to get from this product range, these are it. I’ve been using them simultaneously for a two-toned liner look (see below).
Not to forget the Kill Brown Waterproof Pencil Liner! The last in the product line but definitely not the least. Being talc/paraffin-free, this eyeliner is friendly to sensitive eyes. It is indeed smudge-proof and waterproof as it claims, but it does budge a little after about 6 hours of wear on my lower lash line even under an eye primer, possibly due to my oily lids. I still love it for my lower lash line because I can never have an eyeliner that stays on my lower lash line for more than 2-3 hours, other than the Shu Uemura Drawing Pencils. It can also double up as a cream eyeshadow if you blend it out before it dries – a multi-tasker as well!
(The packaging? Gorgeous.)
To prove the waterproof and smudge-proof abilities of the eyeliners, I have put them to a series of tests as shown below. By the way, in the first row of the first photo, I forgot to indicate that I used my finger to hardly rub against the liners 3-4 times, and THEY. DID. NOT. BUDGE. :O UNBELIEVABLE until you really try it yourself.
Then, under a running tap for 2 minutes (Mummy please don’t kill me for wasting water), the liners did not budge as well, indicating strong waterproof qualities.
However, in the third row, you can see that after running the liners under water, and then rubbing hard for 3-4 times, some of the pigments started to come off, in particular the ones from both the brush liners. The pencil liner and the brown pen liner held up pretty well with slight smudges but wow, just look at the black pen liner!!! AMAZING!
And, I tested the removability of the travel-size makeup remover that comes with the brush liner. I guess it is some decent stuff because it only takes 2 swipes to completely take away these highly concentrated pigments.
By now, you should already be able to understand why these eyeliners are making their way into my makeup routine, in particular the pen liners, right? 😉 Here’s a close up of the two-toned liner I mentioned above and some makeup looks using the liners.
 (Pardon my faded brows and oily-without-mascara eyelashes…)

The first look is completed using the brush liners and the second, using the pen liners.

Are you convinced on these awesome eyeliners like I did? 😉
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by the sweet team from Clio for review. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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  1. Wow I am convinced by your review that these are the best liners ever. do the pencil liners come in multiple shades? If they do, I'm all over that in less than a heartbeat xD I don't use liquid liner anymore but I appreciate that it comes in brush or felt tip.

  2. Sadly, the pencil liner only comes in brown!! 🙁 But I really do enjoy the pen liner for the sturdy felt tip! Using it every day now then I have not touched my Maybelline Lasting Gel Liner for some time! >.<

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