Brow game strong with Clio’s Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo: Review & Swatches

Clio's Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo
The ideal Ulzzang (얼짱 or pronounced as eol-jjang) look features fuller-looking, straight brows for a youthful and fresh appearance. Well, now you can ace that look by stepping up your brow game with Clio’s latest brow product – Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo.
It’s a rather fat pen that consists of two sides:
  • Tattoo Pen – tans skin under the brows for a tinted look
  • Brow Mascara –  to colour the brows
The Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo comes in two shades – #1 Earth Brown (for darker, medium brown hair) and #2 Soft Brown (lighter hair colour). I personally didn’t really like the tattoo pen for #2 Soft Brown because it appears to be green which was kind of odd for me. Oh, and it’s said to be a tinted tattoo because it contains a natural plant-based ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (D.H.A.) which will react with the amino acids in the skin to give a brown colouration akin to tanned skin, without irritation or side effects.
I find that even though the pen has a relatively fine tip, it doesn’t allow me to draw very precise fine lines for my brow tail and due to the watery nature of the substance that dispenses out, my brow tail doesn’t stay as well.
However, on the flip side, I really like the brow mascara on the other side of the pen. It’s pigmented enough to coat all the hairs on my brows in just one sweep! You can minimise product wastage and at the same time, get fuss-free brows quickly!
Notice how light the soft brown one looks? It’s almost orange already! You really need to have light brown hair to use this shade.
I don’t have a selfie of me with the brow products used but here are swatches done on my medium skin tone, and a mini tutorial by Clio to create the ideal K-brow!
My overall verdict?
It’s a good-to-have, definitely not a must-have. I wish that they had a range of colours to suit different brow colours so that it caters to a wider group of people. I also wish that the tint is slightly more pigmented and less watery such that I can draw my brow tail with much precision! No matter how natural you want your brows to look, I still feel that you need to at least have a nice defined tail.
The Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo is priced at S$23.90 and are available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore.
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by Clio Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand. I am not compensated by/affiliated with the brand.

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