Bubble Up Your Romance with Lush: Review

LUSH Valentine's Day 2015
Valentines’ Day is round the corner, have you thought of what to get for your valentine? ūüėČ I have just the gift you need to impress your partner!
Lush, as the brand name suggests, hand-makes fresh and luxuriant cosmetics products such as skincare, haircare etc.¬†The most popular products they produce are none other than their bath products! Whenever I travel, I will never forget to head to a Lush store to purchase a couple of bath bombs or bubble bars just to indulge myself in a relaxing hot tub. I just love the feeling of¬†soaking my fatigued body¬†into a¬†hot and lovely-smelling tub of “Lush water”!
This Valentines’, Lush has come up with¬†a couple of¬†sweet (literally sweet smelling)¬†products for you! I got to say that this¬†delivery is by far the best-smelling one ever, with all the bath bombs, bubble bars, bath soaps etc. all in one box! You can really smell them from afar and it works as a home fragrance as the scents diffuse.
Let’s get into each one of them, shall we?
I tried this the minute I finished snapping pictures because the name is so adorable! For “Prince Charming“, I would say that this definitely swept me off my feet! Made with marshmallow root, Fair Trade vanilla and fresh pomegranate juice, this mesmerising shower gel¬†is sure¬†to leave your skin silky soft. The beautiful blend of grapefruit, sandalwood and geranium oils create a fragrance that will carry you off into the sunset and have you smelling lovely as well. It kinda makes me smell edible ūüėČ

On this special day (if you have a boyfriend/husband/partner that is), I’m sure you want your lips to be pout-perfect for that sweet Valentine kiss! Rub this on your lips to exfoliate dead skin and reveal a supple-looking pair of lips! I am glad that I have this because my lips are really dry and flaky all the time. Blended with caster sugar, sea salt, and¬†adorable little edible red hearts, it was too irresistible for me not to taste it! The Kiss was indeed sweet with a hint of saltiness!
Probably my favourite of the lot, the Heart Throb Bubbleroon was love at first sight! This smushy little bubbleroon will dissolve in your tub and¬†turn your water a passionate red with gold micro-glitters. In my opinion, this is the perfect bath addition to your Valentines’ night, especially if you want a warm, romantic soak with your special one ūüėČ It is made with organic shea butter, leaving your skin soft and moisturised after a good bath.
If you recall,¬†there was this craze going on about unicorns for a period of time. For all unicorn-lovers, you wouldn’t want to miss this cute little Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar. Satiate your hunger for all-things-unicorn-and-rainbows with this little baby that’s made of lavender and neroli essential oils, sparkling lustre, colourful candy stars (mine has sadly all dropped off) and rainbows! You would not want to miss this¬†magical bath that’s bound to give you sweet¬†dreams ūüôā
What’s Valentines’ Day without flowers? Fight¬†convention with this Floating Flower Bath Bomb!¬†Watch this beauty fizz away to reveal a rainbow of serene colors as the colorful petals spread throughout the bath. This is probably the heaviest scented of the lot as its¬†delicious scent of jasmine and ylang ylang triumphs. I took a video of how this baby fizzes away in the tub, watch it below!
For those who don’t have a bathtub at home (like me), treat yourself to¬†an uplifting and fruity¬†shower with¬†Cupid’s Love (I just love how I can easily play with the names of the soaps).¬†The rich scent is primarily due to bergamot and rosewood and it also contains fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yogurt to nourish and soften the skin – sounds like you can totally eat it!

Here is the short video of how the Floating Flower fizzes in the tub! I think it was meant to float but because I was going to visit my granny, I packed it in cling wrap the day before so¬†it started “sweating” slightly which caused it to be denser than it’s supposed to.

These are all available in all Lush stores in Singapore, so head on down to grab a surprise for your Valentine! These are probably one of the most unique gifts to buy as you’re not only getting a present, but also gifting an experience! Find out more about other Lush products in their website here!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ‚ô°
 XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were by the team from Lush Singapore for review. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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