K-Beauty Makeup Look with my Althea Beauty Haul: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

Althea Beauty Haul
Korean makeup is still popular as ever and I believe that it’s here to stay till the next breakthrough in the beauty industry. Where do you usually haul Korean beauty products? For me, other than the mainstream brands such as Etude House, LANEIGE, Innisfree etc., I love shopping online at Althea. Althea is my one-stop shop for all-makeup-Korean, at super affordable prices! It’s a haven for any beauty junkie, trust me.

Courtesy of Althea during their 1st Birthday Bash, I managed to try out some new and innovative products on top of replenishing my favourites. Without further ado, let’s go into my K-Beauty makeup haul, and a makeup look awaits you at the end of this post.

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Fuss-free K-makeup shopping with Althea Korea: Review & Makeup Look

Althea Korea
For a while now, Korean makeup is in trend in all parts of the world, especially Southeast Asia. More and more people, including myself, are starting to explore the dynamic world of K-makeup brands! However, I believe not all Korean makeup brands are readily available in our countries which makes it hard to obtain the latest lipstick probably Han Ga-In or Park Shin Hye is wearing.
Not to worry, it’s good news for all you ladies residing in SEA! Althea Korea, founded since June 2015, brings you K-beauty all the way from Koreaaaa!~ Let’s dig into my Althea Beauty Haul, shall we?
I’ve managed to get a variety of products from brands I have never really tried before. I was so excited to test them all out!
So all you have to to is to login to http://sg.althea.kr and you’ll see a some featured products and promotions on their website banners.
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