April 2015 Bellabox: Review

Aloha! It’s Sunday which means time to recharge before the work week! My April Bellabox arrived a few days ago and I’m excited to share with you a brand new box of travel-sized products!
Themed “Dare to Be Flawless”, the April Bellabox has prepared us with its trusty arsenal of beauty products dedicated to keep our skin free from troubles!

Ranging from skincare to makeup and haircare as well, you’ll be able to well indulge in some beauty help for that perfectly polished look.

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March 2015 Bellabox: Review

Hey there bellas!
This month’s Bellabox is all about that pink! No, I’m not talking about having a box full of pink products but these quality products are going to let you stay in the pink of (beauty) health! Themed 50 Shades of Pink, the March Bellabox aims to please *winks* (This review is repleted with quotes from the raunchy 50 Shades of Grey, see if you can pick them out!). The products in the box are curated to help you look sexy, feel sexy, and be sexy.

(See the satin sheets printed on the card? Oh, such details!)
Enclosed in this little blue polka-dotted box is an explosion of products. And by explosion, I mean it really packs a punch in serving your every need! Briefly look at all these and you’ll understand why. You have products that cater to your beauty needs inside out!
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Fresh Beginnings with February 2015 Bellabox: Review

February is the month for festivals and events as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year! The Fresh Beginnings Bellabox is so aptly named because it’s all about looking fresh and crisp in the brand new (lunar) year especially for all the Chinese bellas out there! The Bellabox came at the right time for me, just hours before my reunion dinner with my family! I was really excited to peer into the box and was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of awesome products!
Tadah, this is what I got in my box! You can expect really good products here, ranging from skincare to haircare and even a good ol’ green tea bag to commence Spring!
Alright, let’s cut the chase and get into the contents, shall we? 😉

Dearberry Snail Nourishing Cream – S$55 for 50g

Packed with a high concentration of 70% Mucin extracted from snail mucus (gross, I know, but it does great things to the skin), the cream provides hydration and protects the skin from external stresses. I have always heard good things about “snail creams” and have wanted to test them out but just didn’t had the guts to (I mean I love escargots but I don’t know if I want them on my face). I will certainly test this out to see if it works for me!

Goodal Oil Plus Moist Emulsion – S$45.90 for 100ml

This is specially designed for thirsty skin, skin that’s dry and lacks moisture (like mine). It contains a raw seed fermentation technology of 7 super seeds (?) and red yeast to firm and brighten your skin. It sure sounds like it packs some powerful emulsion that you can bring around, especially when you travel to dry climates.
Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Cream – S$439 for 50ml
Can I first say how shocked I am at the retail price of the full-sized product?! This little deluxe size here is probably worth $40+ and I am rather surprised at the premium pricing! This skincare range promises excellency in anti-aging efficacy for younger-looking skin with its Colloidal Platinum and Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) to stimulate cellular renewal and metabolism. I personally wouldn’t use this because I’m afraid I might break out from something so rich, but I would say give it a go if you receive this in your box! You never know it might work for you.
The next 2 products are my favourites in the box, and they are none other than…
Laqa & Co. Lip Lube Pencil (Stranger Danger) – S$26.50
Who doesn’t like a makeup item in their Bellaboxes? I am one who goes crazy when I see makeup products in mine 😀 I’ve got this in a hot pink shade (though I would very much want Bees Knees, a warm orange-coral) and it’s actually a lip balm enriched with peppermint-shea butter to moisturise the lips while giving colour! You will definitely be getting this in your box and you can check out all 4 shades here.
Goldwell Dualsenses Shampoo & 60Sec Treatment – S$26 for 250ml, S$30 for 200ml respectively
I cannot emphasise how much I LOVE having travel sized haircare products in my Bellabox subscription! I usually have stayovers every now and then, and it just makes my life easier to be able to bring quality haircare products everywhere I go! I’ve recently coloured my hair a lighter shade of brown and this duo is perfect for coloured hair since it’s for blondes & highlights!
As you all know, Bellabox loves giving us our bonus products! This month, expect 2 bonus products…
Goodal Transfoam Cleansing Oil – S$32.90 for 100ml
This 2-in-1 cleansing foam and makeup remover rinses away waterproof makeup, a great plus point for me! Even though I can’t use cleansing oils all over my skin (clogs my pores big time), I usually still use them to take away my waterproof eye makeup before using my Bioderma micellar water to remove the oil. This trial sachet is great for those who wants to try out a new cleansing oil.
Tealy Summer Green Tea – S$17 for 15 teabags; S$25 for 30 teabags
I can’t express enough of my love for teas, especially for Tealy teas! I reviewed some of them previously here and I was thrilled to see a teabag in this box! It’s Spring and you can never go wrong with a cup of delicious green tea from Japan! 😉
To summarise, I absolutely LOVE the Bellabox this month! With really good and usable products, the price you pay is going to worth so much more. If you are interested in the Fresh Beginnings Bellabox, you can purchase it here!
Wishing all a beautiful fresh beginning! 
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were sent by the team from Bellabox Singapore. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brands itself.

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January 2015 Bellabox: Review

It’s almost close to the end of the first month in 2015! We are starting this new year with a clean slate – a fresh set of skincare, treats for that silky smooth hair and a new beauty regime! This month, Bellabox is helping you to hit all that right beauty spots with its January box!
Remember I used to grumble whenever I receive more skincare products than makeup stuff in my Bellabox? Well, having so much makeup now in my stash, I really do appreciate that I have skin/hair/body care products coming in for me to test out instead of more makeup in my Bellabox! Let’s dive right into the contents of The Beauty Spot Bellabox!

There you have it, an overflowing box this month. The delivery guy even commented that the box is going to explode with so many things inside when he passed the box to me!

Hitting the hair “spot” we have:

Mane ‘N Tail Deep Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner – S$14.90 for 355ml each
The first thing that caught my attention was this haircare duo. I saw these in Watsons or Guardian (can’t remember which) and I thought, “They look like pet shampoos!” Honestly, with the packaging (especially since there’re horses printed) and brand name, they do look like what I’d use on my poodle. Anyway, these are formulated for dry and damaged hair, just what I need to tame my mane 😉 Going into my list of to-brings for the next vacay, also because they smell so baby powder-ish and floral!

Medavita Ozogel Complex PH3.6 + B-Carotene Complex PH3.5 – S$39.90 for 50ml
Phew, the names were so hard to type! Ozogel Complex is a no-rinse hair treatment formulated for healthier and youthful-looking hair while B-Carotene Complex is a leave-in hair restoring serum packed in a single dose of phial to deliver strong and hydrated hair. These resemble those of facial ampoules and I am excited to try them out because of the high concentrations of active ingredients in such products! I might get a couple more if they work out for my frizzy crazy hair.

(P.S. They do look like juices, so yummy~)

Now for targeting the face “spot”!

Belif Skincare – The True Cream – Moisturising Bomb, Aqua bomb; The True Anti-aging Essence; Hungarian Water Essence, ranging from S$54-57
Conceived with herbal recipes and the philosophy of respected botanist and herbalist, Duncan Napier, Belif offers products formulated with superior ingredients. I remembered when I first encountered Belif was during the Belif Peat Miracle Revital range facial c/o My Cozy Room Boutique Spa, and I fell in love with the refreshing herbal scent of the products because it helps to calm your nerves and make you relax. I will definitely be bringing these for my next trip/staycation.

After skincare, it’s time for some makeup!

Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara – S$26.90 for 10ml
This mascara has a really bold claim which I’m usually sceptical of: to give your lashes major length and volume. The wand is shaped in an hourglass shape to make sure that all of your lashes get that coat of length and volume they need! Very handy for travelling as well though I wish it says “waterproof” somewhere…

Makeup removing is a huge thing for me, especially for my clogged skin and the product that got me jumping while unboxing is none other than…

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water – S$18.90 for 300ml
WHOOP WHOOP! The ultimate cleansing water for a fuss-free and quick makeup meltdown! I am personally using the Biore Cleansing Wipes and I heard so many good things about this cleansing water that I almost went to purchase it! Luckily this came in for me to test out first before I commit to an entire bottle. THUMBS UP for this baby!

For that firmer body…

Collistar Anticellulite Thermal Cream – S$69.90 for 400ml
With a formula that blends 6 different types of sea algae with thermal water along with a high concentration of firming principles and draining phyto-extracts (what a mouthful), this treatment cream works to combat cellulite and firm up tissues to visibly tighten skin. I wouldn’t think that a one-time trial will allow you to see results. I thought that they could’ve included more sachets since it’s a bodycare product.

Last but not least, a Bellabox Cosmetic Pencil Pouch – S$5.90!
This cute pouch is meant to store and bring around your cosmetic pencil essentials – eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadow pencils etc! For me, I think I’m going to use this to store my travel sized makeup brushes whenever I travel! Such a convenient pouch and it came in timely!

So, do you like this month’s Bellabox? I definitely do! 😉 If you would like to check out The Beauty Spot Bellabox, head over to http://bellabox.sg/ and get yours now!

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
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November/December 2014 Beauty Empties: Review

Whenever I’m about to finish up products, I get very excited! I didn’t used to be happy about it because it means that I need to replenish. But now, finishing up products is my aim because I am starting to venture into new skincare and makeup products.
For the month of November and December 2014, I have used up several products, mostly skincare and I am happy to share with you my thoughts on these!
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