Get your holiday glow with Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit – Surreal Light: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

How time flies. It’s the last day of October and we’re stepping into the second last month of the year! Do you know what that means? The Christmas season is coming~ With the holiday collections launching one by one, I can’t contain my excitement for the holiday season! Ever since sneak peeks were released on Instagram some time back, the Hourglass Ambient® Lighting Edit – Surreal Light was something I had my eyes on and I’m so happy it’s added to my (ever-growing) makeup collection now!


The (Instagram) world’s going crazy over marble prints now, so kudos to Hourglass for having marble prints on the palette’s packaging. Beauty junkies all over the world should be thanking the brand now for such an Insta-worthy piece 😉 Not that I’m a huge fan of marble prints, I absolutely adore this as compared to their usual metallic ones because I don’t have my fingerprints seen all over the casing.


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Make an impression this Fall 2016 with Make Up Store’s Porcelain Collection: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

/ˈpɔːslɪn; -leɪn; ˈpɔːsə-/
Adjective: To describe skin that’s naturally smooth, fair, without a hint of blemish; translucent with minimal eyeshadow, subtle blush with thin eyeliner.
Drawing inspiration from the caressing heat of summer and the intricate details on Lisbon tiles, the Make Up Store Porcelaincollection brings you vibrant colours of the Atlantic Ocean, an azure turquoise blue, a stunning contrast to sun-kissed skin in a shade of terracotta.
With full focus on the eye makeup, a marriage between warm and cold where bronze and blue are key, this fall is not going to be your typical. Bare skin, blue lids and nude lips – the way to go.
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A flawless face canvas with Ettusais Premium range: Review & Swatches

There are quite a number of things I’m going through in my life now, especially going through a change in my working environment. I feel that it has been affecting me quite a fair bit, and it has taken its toll on my skin as well! 🙁
Anyway, I have finally found time to play with more makeup and skincare, and I’m bringing you a review of the beauty line Ettusais created for ladies in their 30s – Ettusais Premium! I’m way younger than the big 30 but protecting the skin while it’s still young will pay off in time to come!
I’m feeling all pampered and princessy from the sweet pink bottles and compacts! Let’s start off with skincare, since it’s important to ensure your skin is well-protected before you put on your makeup!
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Summer loving with Ettusais Heart Face Colour & Herbal UV Jelly: Review

Can the days get any hotter?! I am feeling the heat from the scorching sun and it’s killing me! I believe you’re not feeling any better either with the temperature hitting up to 35°C! To combat the heat, lots of beauty companies have launched/re-promoted their sunscreens and this summer’s must-haves are none other than 2 products from Ettusais!
Get well-protected and impeccable skin complexion with Ettusais Heart Face Colour and Herbal UV Jelly!
If you know me, I am allergic to most sunscreens so I am still trying to search for one that I will not be sensitive/allergic towards. Well, I haven’t tried enough of any sunscreen to test my allergic reaction yet but I particularly adore this interesting formula – the Herbal UV Jelly.
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