Your powerful skin superfood – Biotherm Blue Therapy Anti-Aging Range: Review

Biotherm Blue Therapy Anti-Aging
Food for thought: being in your twenties doesn’t mean your skin is still young. This is something I’ve learnt having gone through many beauty events and my own research on skincare! Not being blessed with good skin also encouraged me to step up on my skincare regime in order to maintain my skin’s youthfulness!
A strong believer of hydration skincare products, Biotherm wows me again with its Blue Therapy Anti-Aging Skincare Range! I’m not saying this because I was given the products to try. There are of course, pros and cons, and things I like and don’t fancy about the range as well. I’ve started using anti-aging products – those that hydrate the skin primarily – because being allergic to most sunscreens further expose me to the dangers of skin aggressors.
The Blue Therapy range is developed to repair visible signs of aging, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of skin firmness. Super-packed with the power of 3 precious aquatic actives from the world’s living waters, the skincare range seeks to repair with triple action to regenerate, firm and strengthen skin!
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