July 2015 Beauty Favourites: Review

July 2015 Beauty Favourites
Woohoo!~ With the overwhelming number of beauty brands in the market, it is no wonder we consumers are all spoilt for choices! So… What made into my July 2015 Beauty Favourites? 😉 As usual, there is an equal emphasis placed on skincare and makeup products for this month and it wasn’t easy narrowing down to these 6 items, so let’s get into them, shall we?
Remember the LANEIGE (reformulated) Sleeping Mask that I was excitedly talking about the last time? I cannot be happier to have the LANEIGE Mini Pore Waterclay Mask join my family of masks to protect my skin! With a mud-clay texture but a watery consistency, this clay mask helps a lot in removing skin impurities, while tightening the pores. Even though this may make your skin feel a little tight when it dries, the feeling of tautness goes away after washing off the mask. Full review here.

Born with sensitive skin, it’s not easy to find products that work for a long time. The Body Shop recently relaunched their Drops of Youth™ Concentrate, a serum that’s created to reverse the first signs of aging. I haven’t got to reviewing this proper so I guess I’ll just pen my thoughts here!
The serum is rather thick in consistency, so a little goes a long way for your entire face. It absorbs quickly without leaving any feeling of stickiness as well, given its viscosity. Enriched with plant stem cells, the product helps to optimise your skin’s youthful beauty by helping to enhance surface skin renewal – the skin’s natural process of replacing the uppermost dead skin cells with new ones beneath. Indeed, this is one of those products that gives you smoother, firmer and healthier skin! 🙂
Enough with the skincare, let’s get into our favourite, makeup!
I have talked about this countless number of times and I cannot emphasise enough how much I adore the LANEIGE BB Cushion Pore Control! The original whitening one doesn’t suit my skin but this, this is so good that I have finished at least 3 cushion refills already! It is semi-matte, gives a decent coverage and lasts all day!
The one that’s shown below is the Whitening BB Cushion by the LANEIGE x Play No More collection which will be launched in September!~ Stay tuned!
I have always been loyal to my Urban Decay Primer Potion if you haven’t realised by now. Lately, my UDPP has been stashed aside to give way to the Inglot Eye Shadow Keeper. It comes in a small black tube indicative of the Inglot brand and has a lighter texture. It dispenses as a beigey substance but blends colourless on the lids. As the name suggests, this allows you to keep your eyeshadows in place for the entire day!
A new blush that I am obsessed with is the Too Faced Love Flush 16-Hour Long Lasting Blush. With the heart-shaped packaging and the beautiful bunnies details, need I say more? The name of the blush says it all as well, it needs no explanation! Full review and swatches of all the shades here if you wish!
And of course, I can’t live without a lipstick. July was being obsessed over sheer but moisturising lipsticks and the one that topped my chart is none other than the Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter in 206 Corail Decollete. It comes in a sleek leather casing, with a very moisturising formula, what else can you not love about this?
Do you already love any of the products mentioned here? If so, let me know in the comments below! Till next time!~
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others.

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INGLOT has always been a makeup brand that emphasises colour and versatility. This Spring/Summer, INGLOT brings you a myriad of colours and textures with its new launches:
  • Freedom System Flexi Palette
  • Refreshing Face Mist
  • O2M Breathable Nail Enamel (Soft Matte)
  • Star Dust AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow
Since its inception, the brand has been a cult favourite with its Freedom System Palettes.
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“Love. It’s a beautiful thing. Let’s fall in love and write our own story.” I am always living in fascination when it comes to love. To me, love is a beautiful feeling. When you are in love, flowers blossom everywhere and all you see is yourself and your partner, hand in hand, sauntering through the sunset. Recently, Inglot Singapore launched their latest collection – Fall In Love. The collection revolves around 5 new shades that’ll take you on a romantic ride through the sunset/sunrise.
The collection is inspired by nature and emotions and every shade is spiced with metallic accents. The 3 key products launched in the 5 shades include the signature AMC eyeliner gel, single eyeshadows and nail enamel.
(The official launch visual)
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The year 2014 has indeed been an eventful year for me. Through this year, I experienced several things that made me grow as a person, including falling back in love again (and cherishing what I failed to), graduating from school, travelling solo (kind of because I was exploring Sydney pretty much on my own for the most part) and learning how to travel with my family now that everyone has grown up. Not forgetting the fact that creating @paradeoflove made me explore my interests more and made me new friends too. I’m thankful for the opportunities that came by as well, allowing ParadeOfLove to grow further. To sum up, 2014 was nothing short of amazing 🙂
Anyway, here’s a round up of my 2014 Beauty Favourites – a highlight into the products that I have been using and loving for the year. The products may or may not be launched in 2014 because this is a round up of my personal beauty picks for the year.

We’ll start from the face products, going in order of a typical makeup routine, shall we? 😉

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Inglot Cosmetics
INGLOT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN SINGAPORE! Alright, I know this post is rather late because the retail boutique of Inglot Singapore is up since 1st October in Wisma Atria #B1-14. Well, I had to visit the boutique when it was opened because I have been hearing so many raves on social media about Inglot’s products, especially the eyeshadows! Being an obsessed (trust me when I say that) beauty junkie, I couldn’t resist and went home with a self-curated palette, a lipstick that smells heavenly and an under-eye concealer which I bought after I obtained a $20 voucher from my purchases on the official opening day.
What I like about Inglot is that they have a unique Freedom System which allows you to mix and match colours, and even products, to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. The palette I have chosen is mainly for eyeshadows but they do come in different shapes and sizes to even cater to a variety of products like face powders, blushers and even lip products! You can definitely curate a full palette for your everyday makeup needs with Inglot.
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