PSLove – Your Solution to a HAPPY :) Period: Review

Well, us being girls. when it comes to THE time of the month again, we all have that one reaction, “Again… :/”right? I mean I feel that way almost all the time even though I don’t get cramps or anything. It’s just troublesome to me. Period.

Anyway, to brighten up my gloomy days, the lovely team from PSLove sent me a warm and lovely care package to satisfy all my period needs this month! Let’s take a peek into the box right now!

What is PSLove?

PSLove delivers your period supplies remedies every month. It helps you stock up so that you never have to remember again. It’s time to automate this part of your life, girls! All you have to do is to stay comforted & feel secure with PSLove because they ship your supplies to you instead of you having to get them yourself! Isn’t it convenient?

Hehe I just love this months package! You basically fill in a questionnaire to determine your preferences so that the box is really customised and tailored to your own needs – from the brand of pads to the type of snacks you love! For me, it’s all about chocolates and tea because these are my comfort food whenever it’s the time of the month!

(They even have a customised card, such details!)
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Liebster Award Q&A

“A Liebster Award?? What is it?” You may be wondering. Well, The Liebster Award is basically given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers by other bloggers in the community. The word “Liebster” itself is German, meaning “sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, loveliest, cutest, a darling… (and the list goes on, but simply, everything nice)”. How sweet of Stephanie Casidy to have nominated me for this, THANK YOU!

Stephanie is a beauty blogger who has really beautiful pictures both on her Instagram (@beautybucketeer) and her blog! Be sure to follow her for lovely beauty picks!

I mean, we are all here to blog and share about the things we love and it’s all about spreading the love, right? This is also a great way to get to know other beauty bloggers out there and help each other gain exposure as well, so thank you once again Stephanie dear!

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Revival of her-dreamcatcher X #OOTD

Hello lovelies (if there is anyone still here to read my abandoned blog)!

It has really been long since I could write reviews of the piling makeup in my storage area, especially when workload’s been increasing. I miss photographing the pretty (and endless) makeup yet at the same time, whenever I have free time, I’d spend time hanging out with my darling love ones instead or resting. Feels good to be writing again, expressing my thoughts in this humble diary of mine, storing snippets of my life for me to look back upon, and of course, to also share beauty tips and tricks/reviews to those who are into makeup like me! Promise the next review will be up soon!

The reason why I had been so inactive for months was because of the great opportunities in the internship I am having now. I had the chance to plan for a PR event on my own which invited famous local bloggers, media and the trade people behind the renowned shopping malls you see on the streets of Orchard road. Even though I had no prior experience in planning for such an event (does Hall Dinner and Dance count?) that involves influential people, I was excited and felt accomplished to have made the event a success with the help of my friendly shu team! 🙂 Without the support of my bosses, I wouldn’t have been able to execute it fully, so thank you shu team!

2 more months to end my internship and I can’t wait to take a break from the hectic work lifestyle. It’s definitely an industry that I want to continue working in (not just because of all the freebies :P) because of my passion for all-things-beauty, however, I feel that it’s almost impossible to strike a work-life balance judging from how hard my colleagues are working. Oh well, gotta go back to school for another semester before I decide on my career path..

Anyway, here’s an #ootd (outfit of the day) to end this post, enjoy!

Decked in my magenta midi skirt and holographic shoes from I looooooove the midi skirt for its thick material and $25 is really worth it for the quality! However, if you are interested in the shoes, I suggest you think twice because I wouldn’t pay $39 for a pair of shoes that I predict wouldn’t last for 2-3 months if I were to wear it all day long. Nevertheless, I still love this outfit 🙂
Here’s a close up!
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Just Me and My Thoughts

credits to:
And so it’s pretty much nearing the end of year 2013 already. Just 2 more months to close this year. I guess for me, this year had been a rollercoaster ride – falling out of love, losing a best friend and well, finding a new love again, not to mention that there are great opportunities for me in terms of my future career even though I will be graduating a year later than I’m supposed to. It was a hell of a ride I must say, losing important people in my life. I guess you may say that in life, it’s all about choices, it’s all about choosing your paths wisely, but to be honest, when situations come, you just don’t know what’s the best way to react and well, you do stupid things that make you regret.
I never was someone who could express all my thoughts freely to people and that caused me to not have many friends in my life that I could talk to. I never found the need to have a social circle to keep, perhaps because of my partner I used to have to tell everything to, I didn’t and never found the need to confide in any of my friends. And that’s when I thought it was okay, it wasn’t. Having a social circle of friends is indeed very essential not just because you are lonely you need company, but even with a partner, social life plays such an important role in your life. Because when you depend your everything (emotions, loneliness etc.) on your partner, you will start to engage in fights and quarrels when he/she isn’t around. So because I never knew the importance, I made mistakes of focusing on myself and my relationship, neglecting my friends, especially the 2 most important friends I have.
I didn’t know how to properly maintain a friendship with my best friends when I was in my lowest period and all I did was make stupid and rash decisions that caused pain and hurt to myself and especially them (I’m sorry if I hurt you, my besties. It never was my intention and I would’ve listened if I could redo this). Looking back, I could’ve done this a million times better, I could’ve picked myself up and listened to proper advice given to me and none of these would’ve happened. But well, I guess it’s just too late to push the blame, apologise and all those things and probably moving forward is the best way to go now. I learnt to pick up and change to be a better person. I started to focus on my career path instead. Well, you could say that I was looking for distractions but immersing myself in a world of never-ending projects and case challenges did help me beef up my resume to prepare myself for the real marketing world and of course, moulded me to be more patient and toned-down. It wasn’t all for my resume, for some may say. Going through case challenges forced me to think critically and always consider the big picture and I must say that I have been applying these learning points to my latest projects and assignments.
Well, having said all these, I just want to highlight that even though people make mistakes (clearly I made a lot), the vital thing is to really learn from it and listen. Stop yourself right there when you aren’t in the best state of your mind to make decisions, and listen. You’ll find yourself benefitting more than you ever could have just by observing and listening. I learnt it the hard way, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to go through this, so don’t forget to stop, reflect and listen amidst chasing the stars and all the things you want to achieve/do.
The world is in your hands. You decide your own fate.
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Heel Before Me With Bellabox Event

A week ago I received this e-mailer from Bellabox on their new “Heel Before Me with Bellabox” event at the W Hotel Singapore. I was so excited because there were door gifts to be given out (I am always excited because Bellabox always gives me surprises!), drinks promos and many more! So I decided to head down to the new W Hotel at Sentosa Cove with a friend to find out more about this event!


When I first stepped into W Hotel, I was SUPER IMPRESSED because the decor was simply too stunning! (I forgot to take pictures T.T) Then it was Woobar located at the 2nd level. Just breathtaking. The bar is pretty big with a lot of funky looking chairs, tables and there are even like “rattan swings” kind of couple seats! How luxurious!
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