Beautiful & Healthy Gel Nails with The Nail Symphony: Review

Healthy Gel Nails with The Nail Symphony

You know how sometimes you need to pay a price for wanting to be beautiful? I love having gel manicure, much more than the regular manicure with nail varnishes because they last so much longer on the nails. However, the regular gel nail polish can be quite damaging to the nails, especially so with harmful chemicals.

Well, if you’re as vain as I am but care about the health of your nails too, you’ll be glad to know that you can now enjoy beautiful and healthy nails with Nail Parfait Gel at The Nail Symphony!


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Alice Through The Looking Glass Nails with J Nails Garden: Review

Alice Through The Looking Glass Nails
“When the day becomes the night and the sky becomes the sea. When the clock strikes heavy and there’s no time for tea. And in our darkest hour, before my final rhyme, she will come back home to Wonderland and turn back the hands of time.” – Cheshire Cat
Yep it’s a verse from Alice Through The Looking Glass, a film that I very much enjoyed, so much so that I actually got Jacelyn from J Nails Garden to design a set of Alice Through The Looking Glass Nails for me!
If you’ve watched the movie, you’d know that the colour theme of ATTLG circles around vibrant colours such as purple, red, bright green and orange laced with the majestic gold. I wanted to recreate that feel without forgetting about the deep mysterious shades of blue and black from the character, Time. I must say Jacelyn and her fellow nail artist did an amazing job!!!
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Nautical Floral Nails with J Nails Garden: Review

Nautical Floral Nails with J Nails Garden
Hello my lovelies, how’s life for you? I’m seriously not in the best situation in life right now, but staying positive is what I’m going to do to keep me going and that includes doing things that make me happy and sane. Pretty nails included too, and that’s what I’m going to share in this post.
Visited J Nails Garden a week back for a gel manicure session and look what I went home with! A set of beautifully customised nail art for me from nail artist Jaslyn! The acrylic florals, the semi-precious stone and holographic effects all done by her! I call it, the Nautical Floral.
J Nails Garden is a tiny nail parlour situated in a hair salon in Bugis Cube, just opposite Bugis Shopping Mall. It won’t take you long to locate the area. As you can see, it’s a comfy little cove full of nail art creations! Any form of art just makes me excited.
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Summer Mermaid Nails with Dance in Finger: Review

Summer Mermaid Nails
After resting my nails for a while now, it’s time to head for a manicure to dress them up pretty! I’ve always been a huge fan of anything mermaid and colours like purple and turquoise hence I was so stoked after seeing how my manicure turned out!
I call it A Mermaid’s Song. Every single detail speaks for itself, it’s like a sweet summer melody in the heart of the sea. If you look at it individually, you’d think that they don’t match, but seeing them in totality makes you think that they are a set, don’t you think? Well, at least, that’s what I feel.
I got this set of nails done over the weekends in Dance in Finger, located in Far East Plaza #01-69. With the location in town, it makes for easy access if you work around the area.
PSST! Special discount for you at the end of the post!
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Pamper yourself with a luxurious nail spa at Vedure Nails Singapore: Review

Vedure Nails Singapore
We ladies always wish to have the best of all worlds when it comes to a nail salon: friendly and professional staff, great hygiene, a comfortable and relaxing space and of course, value for money. With the influx of nail spas and salons these days, how do we even pick one that fits all the criteria?
Well, thankfully, through GetKlarity, I got to luxuriate in some pampering “me-time” over at Vedure Nails Singapore – a multi award-winning medispa! Tucked in a corner of Wheelock Place, Orchard, the lavish spa is a sanctuary for face, body and nails services.
What greeted me wasn’t just any ordinary nail salon. It was a haven for us fabulous office ladies, some place where we could reside comfortably in after stressful working hours. Donned with lush black couches with amenities like a bar counter, this place definitely promises you utmost comfort.
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