Sail away with LANEIGE Summer 2016 Collection: Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

LANEIGE Summer 2016 Collection
“Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.”
Summer is approaching, how are you planning to spend it? For me, I’m going to take every step as it comes, and see what happens. After all, even if you’re at the lowest point in a ferris wheel, wait it out and you’ll be at the top in no time again. Life’s full of ups and downs, isn’t it?
Anyway, the warming weather heralds the beginning of Summer, and what better way to welcome the season with some nautical goodness? LANEIGE Summer 2016 Collection is here to warm your hearts!
The vibrant collection features a brand new Sparkling Body Cushion, some marine themed nail polishes and a 6-coloured eyeshadow palette. The beautiful sparkling shades scream happiness, don’t they?
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Nautical Floral Nails with J Nails Garden: Review

Nautical Floral Nails with J Nails Garden
Hello my lovelies, how’s life for you? I’m seriously not in the best situation in life right now, but staying positive is what I’m going to do to keep me going and that includes doing things that make me happy and sane. Pretty nails included too, and that’s what I’m going to share in this post.
Visited J Nails Garden a week back for a gel manicure session and look what I went home with! A set of beautifully customised nail art for me from nail artist Jaslyn! The acrylic florals, the semi-precious stone and holographic effects all done by her! I call it, the Nautical Floral.
J Nails Garden is a tiny nail parlour situated in a hair salon in Bugis Cube, just opposite Bugis Shopping Mall. It won’t take you long to locate the area. As you can see, it’s a comfy little cove full of nail art creations! Any form of art just makes me excited.
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Summer Mermaid Nails with Dance in Finger: Review

Summer Mermaid Nails
After resting my nails for a while now, it’s time to head for a manicure to dress them up pretty! I’ve always been a huge fan of anything mermaid and colours like purple and turquoise hence I was so stoked after seeing how my manicure turned out!
I call it A Mermaid’s Song. Every single detail speaks for itself, it’s like a sweet summer melody in the heart of the sea. If you look at it individually, you’d think that they don’t match, but seeing them in totality makes you think that they are a set, don’t you think? Well, at least, that’s what I feel.
I got this set of nails done over the weekends in Dance in Finger, located in Far East Plaza #01-69. With the location in town, it makes for easy access if you work around the area.
PSST! Special discount for you at the end of the post!
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Bling Me Prism with Etude House X High Cheeks: Review, Swatches & Pictorial

Etude House X High Cheeks
Fall’s trend brings us to rather gold and bronzy eye makeup without being too over the top and Etude House is launching some liquid eyeshadows in those shades, in their latest collection! We see Etude House bringing in a brand new collection, Bling Me Prism, in collaboration with Korean accessories brand High Cheeks! Well it’s all about that bling, ’bout that bling, oh baby~
Bling Me Prism screams fun, sexy and cool, all at once because it’s about vibrant pop of colours on the lips and easy, day-to-day wearable for eyes! Oh and there are some hologram nail colours too (not shown here)! The collection also evokes a sense of playful, colourful fun with its pop-art graphics and unique packaging that’s made for keeps! Look at those sexy lips and eyes!~
Let’s get started with the eyes, shall we? Bling Me Prism Eyes (S$11.90) is a water-base eyeshadow colour that requires blending with the fingers to create an even eye colour on the lids. It’s said to provide a cooling and moisturising effect on the skin around your eyes but I don’t actually feel so..
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Etude House Princess Happy Ending Nail Polish Kits: Review & Swatches

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Nail Polish
You have heard from me on the Etude House Disney Princess collection here so now it’s time for the review on the 4 nail kits inspired by the 4 Disney Princesses – Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White! I had lots of fun playing around with these nail kits because they have very cute and fun elements like colour-changing stickers, crystals and cute decals!

Each nail kit contains 2 nail polishes and either a sticker sheet/crystals, retailing for S$12 per set. Let’s look into all the 4 nail designs I have created just from the nail kits!

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