Be bow-led over by Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Style Blogger Collection: Review

Poh Heng's Minnie Mouse Style Blogger
Are you a Disney fan like me? Since young, I have always loved Disney, especially the iconic characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse! I’ve collected quite a fair bit of merchandise with Mickey/Minnie prints from the Disneyland theme parks my partner and I went with our families.
For all you Disney lovers, you can now have your very own Minnie Mouse jewellery with Poh Heng’s Minnie Mouse Style Blogger Collection!
Local jeweller, Poh Heng, has been one of Singapore’s hallmark brands, leading in gold jewellery. The company also holds exclusive rights to design and retail Disney Baby and Hello Kitty fine jewellery. This season, Poh Heng reimagines Minnie as a modern-day style blogger, with a limited-edition collection of 8 pendants featuring the playful-yet-stylish personality of Minnie together with her wardrobe essentials!
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