3 Japanese Sunscreens Tried and Tested: Review

3 Japanese Sunscreens Tried and Tested


Applying sunscreen is a vital step to our skincare routine, especially in Singapore’s hot tropical climate. There are tons of sunscreens out in the market, which make us spoilt for choice. Being Asian, should we select Western brands or continue to trust Asian brands? What about cost vs. effectiveness? Does it mean expensive sunscreens perform the best?

C/o Datumou Recipe, an online site dedicated to testing Japanese cosmetics and beauty services, I got to try out 3 popular Japanese sunscreens from their curated list of top 12.

(L-R: SKII Atmosphere CC Cream, AstaLift D-UV Clear White Solution and Allie Extra UV Gel)

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Mother’s Day is around the corner, have you gotten a gift to celebrate this special day yet? People would argue, why celebrate this one day when you can make every day memorable for our beloved mothers? But hey, let’s be real. With all the things we need to do every day – work, school etc. – do you really have time to make every day a very unique one for your mum? Why not just take this day to really do something exceptional for her?
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March 2015 Beauty Empties: Review

March 2015 Beauty Empties
Hey dears!
Having this blog for quite some time now because of my love for makeup and skincare. However, I don’t quite know if anyone at all reads my blog, so if you do enjoy reading my posts, do comment and let me know! I would love to get to know you all better! 🙂
The start of a new month calls for a sum-up of products I’ve used up. I’ll keep it short and sweet so that it makes for fun light reading 😉
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