Haul made easy with ShopandBox: Review of my Korean Beauty Haul

Haul made easy with ShopandBox
Once again, I am ShopandBox-ing! 😀 This is already my fourth order because honestly, I am just a very lazy shopper. I would pay for someone to shop my list for me and get my items delivered all the way to my doorstep! 😉 As seen on my Instagram, you’d probably guess (I think you don’t have to guess…) that I’m a HUGE makeup/beauty junkie and I collect all-things-beauty from all over the world!
Of course, to be a makeup junkie, one has to buy and buy and buy, right? 😉 Just kidding. Anyway, thanks to ShopandBox, I managed to haul awesome makeup products from famous brands in Korea that are unavailable in Singapore, how cool is that?!
What is ShopandBox?
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