3 Japanese Sunscreens Tried and Tested: Review

3 Japanese Sunscreens Tried and Tested


Applying sunscreen is a vital step to our skincare routine, especially in Singapore’s hot tropical climate. There are tons of sunscreens out in the market, which make us spoilt for choice. Being Asian, should we select Western brands or continue to trust Asian brands? What about cost vs. effectiveness? Does it mean expensive sunscreens perform the best?

C/o Datumou Recipe, an online site dedicated to testing Japanese cosmetics and beauty services, I got to try out 3 popular Japanese sunscreens from their curated list of top 12.

(L-R: SKII Atmosphere CC Cream, AstaLift D-UV Clear White Solution and Allie Extra UV Gel)

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Flawless skin with the Kiehl’s 5-Day #BreakoutControl Challenge: Review

Kiehl's 5-Day #BreakoutControl Challenge

Need a quick and effective skin-fix? Take the Kiehl’s 5-Day #BreakoutControl Challenge! I’ve took on the challenge about a week ago because the “time of the month” was breaking out my skin yet again. With a skincare regime of 6 products, I’m pleased to share my thoughts on the entire regime and how I managed to lighten some of my recent acne scars to prepare myself for some house visiting this weekend.

If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you’ll know that I’m no stranger to most of the products except the NEW Breakout Control duo – a spot treatment cream and a facial lotion – dedicated to effectively target and reduce spots within days!

Contest details at the end, don’t miss out!~

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Get clean, supple skin with Labo Labo 5Hx5C Super Moist range: Review

Labo Labo 5Hx5C Super Moist
When it comes to Asian cosmetics and skincare, no doubt the Japanese and Korean do it better with their cutting edge technology. Recently I’m been on a wave of trying out new skincare products and here I have with you one of Japan’s favourite doctor’s skincare brand – Labo Labo by Dr.Ci:Labo.
Labo Labo is Dr.Ci:Labo’s sister brand developed by a group of certified Japanese dermatologists and their products are entirely made in Japan. That already tells you something about the quality. I’ve been trying out the Labo Labo 5Hx5C Super Moist skincare range which hydrates and makes my skin feel supple and bouncy!
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Hydrate and moisturise with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Damask Rose Skincare: Review

Crabtree & Evelyn's Damask Rose
Being a makeup and skincare junkie, over the years, I’ve grown to like certain types of products just because they work magically on my skin. Particularly for skincare, hydration is key for me. For all you acne sufferers like me, drop your anti-acne products and pile up on hydrating skincare.
Some time ago, Crabtree & Evelyn launched its new products in the Damask Rose range, the Restoring Eye Cream and Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion, both of which are formulated with botanical-based composite that encourage healthier and more radiant complexion.
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Anti-aging solutions from MaryKay TimeWise® Miracle (Face & Body): Review

MaryKay TimeWise® Miracle
MaryKay is an American brand with an inspirational founder, Mary Kay Ash, who’s dedicated to  inspire, enrich and empower women to do great things. I have the premium skincare/body care line with me, the MaryKay TimeWise Miracle set that’s made to fight signs of aging with the latest skincare science to deliver younger-looking skin for all skin types, including sensitive skin and those with rosacea.
I was rather skeptical with this brand at first because I haven’t encountered nor experienced any of its products before. However, some of the products in the range actually surprised me which I thought was not bad, given that it’s my first time trying them out.
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