Urban Decay: 24/7 Glide On Pencils & Revolution Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Makeup

A happy happy Monday to all you lovelies out there! ūüôā

Today’s¬†about a¬†review and swatches of some Urban Decay products I have been loving – the¬†much loved 24/7 Glide On Pencils and Revolution lipsticks! If you’re a fan of Urban Decay (like me, I absolutely LOVE the buttery smooth eyeshadows), you would not want to give these a miss.

24/7 Glide On Pencils
Desperation, Woodstock, Smog, (Double-ended) Stash & Sabbath, Zero & Whiskey

Revolution Lipsticks
Manic, Venom, Obsessed, Lovelight

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Urban Decay: Naked 3 Palette Review and Swatches

Urban Decay: Naked 3 Palette

Hello my beauty lovelies! It has been almost 6 months since I’ve updated this blog of mine! Sorry for the lack of updates. Since my internship in L’Oreal Singapore, I haven’t had enough time to rest, let alone blog! Finally found time to write in this space so today I am going to review my newest addition to my Urban Decay family *drumrolls* – the highly raved Naked 3 Palette! Thanks to my lovely dear for getting it for me for Valentine’s Day!

Without further ado, here goes! Mega loooooove for the rose gold packaging cause I absolutely adore rose gold! Such a romantic colour (: As with Naked 2, Naked 3 comes in a sturdy metal tin which closes with a “click” (totally adore the packaging). The only thing that I don’t really fancy would be the crinkly texture on the tin which I don’t understand why.

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Urban Decay: Dangerous Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay: Dangerous Palette
The long awaited last review on the Urban Decay Fun, Feminine and Dangerous Palettes for their 2012 Holiday collection! It’s kind of a complete one year lag on reviewing these babies but nevertheless I’m still going to complete the collection of reviews today.
Today’s review is about the Dangerous Palette, increasingly becoming my all-time favourite eyeshadow palette when I feel like doing dark smokey looks. The palette comes in a black patent material casing with a sword in the middle (dangerous indeed). I ‘ve always found it fascinating that the Fun, Feminine and Dangerous palettes double up as a mini wallet/clutch (except that you can’t really place your phones or bank cards inside due to the magnetic strip inside) when you remove the palette inside.
All palettes come with a mini lip junkie and there is a mini mirror on one side as well. The palette itself can be taken out for the casing to be used as a wallet/clutch. A little disappointment from this palette I got was that when I opened it, I realised that there was a little defect for Mushroom – the name printed on it was faded. I guess I’m probably the only unlucky one out of 10000 palettes they produce to get the little misprint, but oh well, the palette is still really pretty with the smokey, rosey? background.

When opened, there are 6 eyeshadows in there and a travel-sized lip junkie. What I really love about this palette is the deep green shade Loaded and the taupish grey Mushroom which allows you to do really dark smokey eye looks.

Each eyeshadow is 0.03 oz (compared to an Urban Decay full-sized shadow at 0.05 oz) while the mini lip junkie is 0.11 oz (compared to the full-sized Lip Junkie at 0.34 oz).

Here are the colours:
Gravity РPurple with silver and pink fine micro-glitters
Loaded РDeep blackened forest green
Evidence РDeep bright metallic navy blue
Deeper РMetallic brown
Mushroom¬†–¬†Satin silvery taupe
Ace РMetallic grey

Wallflower (Feminine Palette) / Midnight Cowboy (Fun Palette) / Naked (Dangerous Palette)

And the lip junkie Naked is just a nudish pink gloss colour that just blends in to my lip colour, kind of like a my-lips-but-better (MLBB) shade. The only thing I do like about the formula is that it leaves a minty cooling sensation when applied, keeping me refreshed.

The Dangerous Palette can be purchased at all Sephora SG stores and it retails for S$62 or alternatively, you can get it at Urban Decay’s website here. Bear in mind that Urban Decay does not directly ship to Singapore.

Here’s a look using entirely the Dangerous Palette and the corresponding OOTD:

Main Lid Colour: Mushroom
Outer V: Deeper
Lower Lid Colour: Ace and Loaded

Hope you’ve enjoyed the review and let me know in the comments section what do you think of the Dangerous Palette! The Feminine Palette review can be found here and the Fun Palette here.

Create yourself and be gorgeous, girls! ‚ô°

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Urban Decay Glinda Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Glinda Palette Review

Hola! Oh gosh, the haze recently had and have been really really bad. The PSI today shot up to 155! Please stay hydrated and wear a mask if you’re going outdoors in this crazy hot and hazy weather!

Anyway, here’s the belated Urban Decay Glinda Palette review and swatches! I am absolutely in love with this gorgeous magical-looking palette with the pastels and shimmers. Without further ado, let’s hop into the fascinating land of the Glinda Palette!

The Urban Decay Glinda Palette comes in a hard metal tin which is very sturdy. When you close the palette, you can hear the ‘click’ sound which indicates that it is secure and will not spill all over when you pop this baby into your bag. Overall I love the aurora colours on the casing itself.

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Urban Decay: Fun Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay: Fun Palette

Today I’m going to review another of the Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Collection palettes – The Fun Palette! (Click here for the review on the Feminine Palette).¬†As the name suggests, this palette consists of really fun and vibrant colours for all you makeup junkies to play with! This is the perfect palette if you want to add some bright colours apart from the neutrals you wear every day and I love this palette as well for the purple and blue shadows.

The palette comes in a wallet-sized packaging that comes in really handy when you want to just pop into your bag. It is clothed in a ultra shimmery turqoise patent casing with gold zippers and just like the Feminine Palette, you can detach the palette from its casing to use the casing as a mini wallet/clutch.

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