February 2015 Beauty Favourites: Review

February 2015 Beauty Favourites
I haven’t quite adjusted to 2015 but we’re stepping into the last month for the 1st quarter of the year already!
For the month of February, I was pretty much embarking on a mission to continue rotating my beauty products so that all of my collection gets some love from me. I’m very glad to be discovering new products that I now can’t live without! Here are my February 2015 Beauty Favourites!
Read all the way for a makeup look I created using all of these products! 😉
We’ll get started from the usual, the skincare before running through the makeup? There’s only 1 skincare product that I really love, after incorporating it into my skincare routine.
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Valentine’s Day 2015 Date Night Makeup: Pictorial

Valentine's Day 2015 Date Night Makeup
Valentine’s Day is TOMORROW! I am so so excited for a lovely day to be spent with my love and friends! It’s going to be a double date, my first time ever on V-Day! Since tomorrow is going to be a celebration of love, what makeup are you going to sport for a sweet date?
Ladies, if you are going out with your boyfriend, I suggest to not go over the top with your eyeshadows. Guys don’t really like makeup on their girlfriends because they simply love the “au naturel” look. However, if you’re like me and wish to doll up and look pretty in pictures, here are my suggested makeup for that girly, romantic eyes! I have used these products to recreate 2 different looks with pictorials below.
The 2 looks might look similar because essentially, the colours used are rather soft and sweet. However, on closer look, you can spot the differences between the pinks and champagnes used.
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Get Started with Makeup! (Makeup for Beginners)

Makeup for Beginners
As a beauty blogger, I must say that I didn’t start playing with makeup at a very young age. In fact, my venture into these cosmetic products started when I was around 20-21 years old. When I first started, like any other beginners, I wasn’t very good at it, especially perfecting that flawless winged eyeliner.
After getting the perfect wing, I went into the playful world of eyeshadows. Perhaps it’s because I have that artistic flair, I was pretty good at eyeshadow application for a beginner. I began to get a lot of requests for eyeshadow tutorials and hence, I decided to include a pictorial for a neutral everyday eye makeup at the end of this post!
Well, let’s look into the makeup products you need (in my opinion) if you are just starting out dolling yourself up!
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2014 Beauty Favourites: A Highlight on My Favourite Products

2014 Beauty Favourites
The year 2014 has indeed been an eventful year for me. Through this year, I experienced several things that made me grow as a person, including falling back in love again (and cherishing what I failed to), graduating from school, travelling solo (kind of because I was exploring Sydney pretty much on my own for the most part) and learning how to travel with my family now that everyone has grown up. Not forgetting the fact that creating @paradeoflove made me explore my interests more and made me new friends too. I’m thankful for the opportunities that came by as well, allowing ParadeOfLove to grow further. To sum up, 2014 was nothing short of amazing 🙂
Anyway, here’s a round up of my 2014 Beauty Favourites – a highlight into the products that I have been using and loving for the year. The products may or may not be launched in 2014 because this is a round up of my personal beauty picks for the year.

We’ll start from the face products, going in order of a typical makeup routine, shall we? 😉

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December 2014 Beauty Favourites: Review

December 2014 Beauty Favourites
Happy New Year my lovelies!
It’s 2015, a new year, a new beginning! Let me start off the new year with a round up of my December beauty favourites! As you know, I have been on vacation to Aussie – Sydney and Perth – hence, most of my favourites here are mainly from my travel bag. I have a fair mix of skincare, body care and makeup products to share with you, so keep reading!
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