Your ideal skin attainable with cosmetic lasers at Astique, The Aesthetic Clinic: Review

Cosmetic lasers at Astique, The Aesthetic Clinic

Acne, pigmentation and scarring have always been my main skin concerns since I was a teenager. It seems like my skin is stuck with pimples and scarring for the rest of my life until I discovered the wonders of facial aesthetic treatments.

Why I chose Aesthetic Treatments

With the beauty scene so dynamic and ever-changing, coupled with innovative technology, facial aesthetic treatments are increasingly popular not just among ladies but even the men too. I used to naively think that such treatments are invasive, similar to getting plastic surgery, but the wonders of laser treatments have proved me otherwise. My trip to Astique, The Aesthetic Clinic has showed me how I can achieve clearer skin without any downtime and it completely changed my view on aesthetic treatments!

Being my first proper long-term treatment from an aesthetic clinic, I was of course nervous as to what my doctor would comment on my really terrible skin (well, the photos will show later). Fortunately, Dr. Ng was really nice and helpful in understanding my concerns and my acne history. I must say I had quite an informative and engaging conversation prior to my treatment.

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Battle acne and clogged pores with Fresver Beauty’s Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy: Review

Fresver Beauty's Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment
Finally some blogging time, dictating my facial experience at Fresver Beauty after what a super hectic and busy month! Apologies for the lack of updates but I am trying my best to blog as frequently as I can.
Anyway, these two months had been crazy for me and I really hadn’t found time to clear out the gunk in my skin until the Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment + Cryoboost Calming Facial Therapy at Fresver. My skin saver~
As much as I wished for the best in my skin condition, without proper maintenance, my dear consultant analysed my skin and found that my pores are exceptionally clogged with hidden acne in the under layers of skin. My skin surface is very dry but oily deep inside which caused some outbreaks I experienced prior to this treatment.
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Alice Through The Looking Glass Nails with J Nails Garden: Review

Alice Through The Looking Glass Nails
“When the day becomes the night and the sky becomes the sea. When the clock strikes heavy and there’s no time for tea. And in our darkest hour, before my final rhyme, she will come back home to Wonderland and turn back the hands of time.” – Cheshire Cat
Yep it’s a verse from Alice Through The Looking Glass, a film that I very much enjoyed, so much so that I actually got Jacelyn from J Nails Garden to design a set of Alice Through The Looking Glass Nails for me!
If you’ve watched the movie, you’d know that the colour theme of ATTLG circles around vibrant colours such as purple, red, bright green and orange laced with the majestic gold. I wanted to recreate that feel without forgetting about the deep mysterious shades of blue and black from the character, Time. I must say Jacelyn and her fellow nail artist did an amazing job!!!
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Exterminate your back acne woes with My Cozy Room’s My Detoxifying/Sparkling Diamond Bacial Treatment: Review

My Cozy Room Bacial Treatment
Since a very young age, I have been struck with acne problems not just on my face, but my poor back has been piqued with spots and blemishes too. For a long time now, I have been focusing my efforts on achieving a better facial complexion but did not manage to dedicate much time and effort for my back until I chanced upon the back facial (a.k.a. bacial) treatments that My Cozy Room offers! I’m no stranger to My Cozy Room as I’ve been through a couple of facial/massage sessions prior to my decision to surrender my back to the boutique spa.
A little introduction about the spa boutique.. My Cozy Room Boutique Spa is an intimate sanctuary with art nouveau furniture in soothing, pretty pastels, like that of an Edwardian parlour. Think Victorian royal loft armchairs with gold crystal chandeliers. Stepping into My Cozy Room is like entering a haven that promises a relaxing experience.
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Elevate your travel beauty experience with The Shilla Beauty Loft at Singapore Changi Airport: Review

Changi Airport The Shilla Beauty Loft
For many years and counting, Singapore’s Changi Airport has been our nation’s pride and prized baby, with a world-class dining and shopping experience. With The Shilla Duty Free taking over the cosmetics and perfume’s retail activities since October 2014, beauty shopping during travel has now been brought to a whole new level! We’ve seen the entry of even more brands, especially contemporary Korean brands like Etude House, Innisfree, Holika Holika, The Saem and many more.
If you are travelling via Changi Airport’s Terminal 3, you’ll notice The Shilla Beauty Loft at the mezzanine level, featuring beauty and spa services from luxury brands Chanel, Dior, La Prairie, and SK-II. The Shilla Beauty Loft was launched when The Shilla Duty Free celebrated its first anniversary in October last year!
If you’re someone like me who loves to head to the airport early before departure just to spend some time shopping at the beauty counters, you’ll be thrilled to know that you can be pampered just before you jet away! The Shilla Beauty Loft can be accessed via the flight of stairs right in the middle of the retail section.
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