A new platform to discover NEW K-Beauty products – Charis Celeb: Review

NEW K-Beauty products - Charis Celeb

When it comes to beauty products, the South Koreans are usually the leaders, providing Asia and the rest of the world amazing innovations that change the way we see beauty. I’ve recently joined the platform, Charis Celeb, and discovered 3 beauty products which I’m going to talk about in detail.

As with beauty products, you never know if you’re going to like them or not until you’ve actually tried them out. I tried the Damior Almond Blossom Sheet Masks, the Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion and the 72 Seconds Rapunzel Day & Night Hair Treatment Creams recently. I cannot say that I love them all but read on to find out which are the ones I love and are worth trying!

Damior Almond Blossom Sheet Masks

I’m a huge fan of sheet masks and I mask every day. Yes, every single night before I go to bed. My skin has always been very dry which resulted in my skin producing more oil to over-compensate, which in turn, causes acne breakouts frequently. I’ve brought some of the Damior Almond Blossom Sheet Masks to my recent trip in Berlin (Brrrr-lin, since it’s so cold) and they have kept my skin moisturised throughout the cold, dry nights.



The sheet masks are very thin yet pack a lot of product that helps to keep my skin hydrated. It contains:

  • Bamboo Extract to cool and soothe skin.
  • Woodwort Extract to purify skin for antibacterial effects.
  • Cedarwood Extract to help with skin elasticity.
  • Allantoin that cures acne scars and troubled skin.

I’m not sure about all the effects because it’ll definitely take some time before the effects are felt/seen but I sure love the mild floral scent for it helps me relax.



Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion

Moving on to the next product I’ve tried – the Superface Zoom In Mesh Cushion. I’m on the fence for this one, to be frank. I love the packaging though – the yellow is a bright pop of colour from the usual pale coloured packaging from the other Korean brands. However, this didn’t work for me one bit.



It is said that the cushion has a lightweight texture that seamlessly blends into the skin which is true, but I found the formula over-reflective. Perhaps with its multi-light reflective technology it was trying to help achieve that Korean “glass-skin” look but it totally made me look greasy. I wasn’t pleased with the greasy texture of the cushion at all hence I didn’t bother checking out the effects of what the cushion gives. I wasn’t a fan of its “mesh” cloth too because I felt like the oils in the formula could seep through it (which it did) and create a mess.



All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this cushion at all, unless mine happened to be a defect. Oh well, it’s one of those things.. right?

72 Seconds Rapunzel Day & Night Hair Treatment Creams

The next items are the 72 Seconds Rapunzel Day & Night Hair Treatment Creams. These are one of the best hair treatment creams I’ve ever used! It comes in a pair – Moist Day and Enriching Night. I absolutely adore both of them because the Moist Day one helps to soothe my flyaways and it smells so so good with its berry scent! It contains Super Berry Complex, Ceramide NP and Sunflower Seed Oil to nourish and tame your mane.


On the other hand, the Enriching Night version helps to increase the moisture content of the hair. With keratin and collagen ingredients, the treatment nourish hair to for constant softness and shine. It contains 17 kinds of amino acids, collagen, keratin, palm seed butter and mango seed butter. Through the night, it works to repair damaged hair and I find that my hair feels softer and much more manageable in the morning. The Enriching Night smells much creamier and I love the scent as well. I would totally recommend this duo for your hair.


All in all, I find that through the Charis app, I’m able to discover new Korean beauty products that I otherwise won’t be able to find in Singapore. Although it’s still pretty much a hit and miss situation, it’s still fun being able to uncover effective beauty products!

If you would love to check out any products, head on to my Charis store and say hi!

Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Charis Celeb for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand.  I am NOT compensated by the brand. 

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