Treat your Hair from within with Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Boosters (BB) Set: Review

Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Boosters Set

Now we’ve done the Chez Vous Hair Botox + Fillers treatment, we have to ensure that it really lasts for 90 days, right? Or if you haven’t you can also give your hair some reparative treatment with salon-grade products at the comfort of your own home. We’re all familiar of skincare boosters, but what about haircare boosters? Chez Vous once again innovates! Introducing to you the new era of haircare boosters – the Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Boosters (BB). The BB set is a completely customisable, intensive 30-day hair-recovery home-use programme, focusing on treating the hair from deep within.

About Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Boosters Set

Most retail haircare we know do not have the efficacy of in-salon treatments as they only treat the external appearance and outer condition of the hair cuticles instead of focusing deep within. The Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Boosters (BB) is the first in the market to bring salon-grade treatments to the home, using miniaturised ingredients like hair-identical amino acids, ceramides and hydrolysed keratin, all of which to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticles for strength, repair and smoothness.

Each set comprises of three 50ml boosters and each booster is to be used in two to three sessions within 10 days. The results of a single Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Booster application is equivalent to five ordinary hair mask applications. How amazing is that!

The Variants

Moreover, each booster is hand-poured and tailored according your hair needs. There are a total of 4 formulas:

  • Soothe & Smooth: for unmanageable, unruly and frizzy hair
  • Enrich & Glow: for colour-treated hair
  • Repair & Rescue: for overly processed and damaged hair
  • Feed & Fit: for weak, brittle and stressed hair

Unlike your regular hair masks, for the BB set, apply 15-20ml onto clean, damp hair. Then, comb through and massage into hair, using at least 30 strokes per section to ensure optimal penetration. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Apply a hair conditioner or mask over the Booster-treated hair to complete your two-step home treatment. Rinse off and blow-dry.

For mine, Readen has chosen Soothe & Smooth as well as 2 x Repair & Rescue for me as my hair is seriously in need of some fixing. I’ve tried both boosters and I felt that my hair, with the Chez Vous Hair Botox + Fillers Programme, is a lot more manageable. In effect, all I need in the morning is to comb through it after applying my regular hair oil. With the combination of the Chez Vous Hair Botox + Fillers Programme and the Trilogy Bespoke Booster Set, damaged hair can really be transformed to become visibly strengthened, silkier, softer and sleeker.

The Chez Vous Trilogy Bespoke Boosters (BB) set of 3 x 50ml retails at SGD60, only at Chez Vous.

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Chez Vous for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT affiliated to nor compensated by the brand

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