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Hairpage Underground

When it comes to beauty, hair will always be the last thing on my mind, regardless of the number of bad hair days I’ve had throughout the years. I don’t know why but for me, perhaps because of the natural curls I was born with, hair maintenance is never a priority.

I’ve never had high expectations for my hair because so far, no hair stylist is able to tame my tresses and most importantly, ensure the maintenance of my hair because of those wavy curls. It’s super frustrating when you step into a salon to get your hair done and the next morning your hair just goes haywire. Hence, when you know that you can wake up every day (almost) feeling happy about your hair after it has been properly handled by the right people, you know that you’re never going to leave your hair to anyone else!

Located at South Beach Tower within Downtown Singapore, Hairpage Underground is a modern styling atelier, committed to providing you with a hair-do that not only is chic and contemporary but also fits into your everyday lifestyle.

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Trying Redken City Beats Semi-permanent Colours

I’ve first stepped into Hairpage Underground for the biggest transformation of my hair trying out the newly released Redken City Beats Semi-permanent Colours. I was pleasantly surprised at how I could pull off the reddish-magenta and turquoise colours all in one head and I certainly enjoyed my time talking to Technical Director, Xiao Hui, and Chief Stylist, Eric!

When my hair colours started fading almost 2 months later, I knew I had to come back to do a touch-up and possibly strip off the faded green/blue shades. When you’ve had a great experience the first time round, you know for sure that you’re in good hands with subsequent visits.

I’m quite an easy-going person when it comes to hair, not so much for the other aspects such as makeup or fashion, so when I visited Hairpage Underground again 2 weeks back, I just told Xiaohui and Eric to do whatever magic they wanted on my tresses, and yes, magic was what I got woohoo!

The Results

Not only are the frizzy ends gone, my hair has transformed with a coat of fresh and healthy hair colour by the talented Xiaohui! I couldn’t be happier to see a new look in the mirror! Whether it’s the tousled tresses or sleek mane that you desire, office-appropriate or crazy unicorn hair colour, step right into this London Underground themed hair studio run by this amazing team of professionals whom you can count on. Oh, and you can check their Instagram page (@hairpage_underground) to see all the fascinating, smashing colours and hairstyles.

I’ve also been twice-amazed by how Eric manages to cut my hair, taking into account the natural waves (“movement”, he calls it) and my hair maintenance habits so that I won’t realise that I’m only able to maintain that hair by going through steps A to Z back home. Even though he tried to centre-part my hair with this pretty refreshing hair-do, I didn’t manage to maintain it because the hair just won’t listen, haha! I’ll try this out in due time because I’ve received a lot of compliments not only for my previous hair colour, but also for this new hairstyle.

All that being said, with a convenient location being in town, Hairpage Underground is very accessible especially for office ladies working around the area. It is also a very cosy place to get your hair styled up with very warm and fun personalities. If you’re rushing for time after work, don’t fret because you can even get your dinner fix while your hair is in progress, via the Fasta pasta bowls that can be delivered right to your lap (literally).

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About Hairpage Underground
26 Beach Road, South Beach Avenue, #B1-25, Singapore 189768
Call: (65) 6386 6898 or Whatsapp: (65) 9169 3650 for bookings
Hours: Weekdays: 11am – 9pm, Weekends: 11am – 7pm
Website | Instagram

“Our team consists of talented stylists who have spent years honing their skills and training in big brand names such as Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, ZGAT and Shunji Matsuo in various countries all over the world! So rest assured you’ll receive the best of care! Come unwind in the artistic and beautiful décor, browse through an array of services on the menu and get pampered by meticulous hands while enjoying the cozy vibes and warm atmosphere. We are a fun, vibrant and innovative bunch so join in the buzz!”

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Hair services were provided by Hairpage Underground for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated by the brand.

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