“You’re allowed to miss the people who were bullets to you, but you are not allowed to let them shoot again.”
Thought I’d express some of my inner thoughts and feelings unrelated to beauty once in a while, since this is a space for me to express my creativity, right? Perhaps this would give you a better insight on who ParadeOfLove really is.

I’m just your girl-next-door.

Yes, I blog about beauty products, I receive press samples to be featured on my social media platforms but I am only as human as you are. Many get the misconception that bloggers, or “influencers” have it easy. I beg to differ. Blogging is my passion – it’s a platform where I express my creativity, my flair for art (in the form of makeup), and simply, my encounters with beauty products. The term “influencers” is so widely used these days that it doesn’t serve its meaning anymore. Well, for one, I don’t call myself an influencer. I’m just an ordinary girl with a 9-6pm office job and a life story dramatic enough to tell, but with a heart full of excitement when it comes to skincare and makeup.
I love trying out new things, I’m sure most people do (but I also know there are people who hate new things and would stick to routines). It is probably the strong desire to want to experiment and test out new products that got me where I am now with ParadeOfLove. With added discipline and a dash of hard work is what I believe in too to maintain this space I call mine. I’m always happy sharing my loves and hates. 🙂

Blogging is also what distracts me from the happenings in my life.

I’m not the girl who has a perfect relationship, nor a blissful family that everyone imagines I have or a social magnet that you think I am. All I had was myself. I could either sulk about how life is treating me unfairly or I could simply, change my mind-set. Changing my perspective in life was what I was forced to do. In life, no one is going to always be there for you. You just have to be there for yourself and get a hold of your own life. Walk away if you have to. Walk away from people who no longer bring you happiness; who no longer bring value to your life. By “value”, it can mean anything at all. Choose to step away and forgive yourself for that, if negativity is the only thing you feel from that someone.

In love or in life, it’s all about choices.

You fall in love not by choice, but you stay in love through the choices you make every day. If you genuinely love someone, make him/her your choice every single day in your life. Tough it might be when you are at each other’s throats, but choose him/her still, if you love this person. The day you stop choosing him/her will be the day you choose not to stay in love with this person.
These are words I tell myself, yet sometimes, it’s tough to act on them. Should I be subjecting myself to the same kind of pain I felt since I am stronger to take this pain now, or should I walk away? Should I still be choosing him, if I feel that I’m treading down the same path again?

Life is a choice, choose wisely. Love is made up of choices too, tread wisely. 

No matter what your choice is, love life, and life will love you back.

Signing off now~

Create yourself and be gorgeous.
XOXO, Roanna.

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