Clio Salon de Cara Mascaras: Review

Clio Salon de Cara Mascaras: Review
Clio, the popular Korean makeup brand endorsed by the gorgeous Sandara Park of 2NE1, recently launched the Salon de Cara mascaras – mascaras inspired by hair-styling tools to style your lashes just like how you style your hair! These mascaras have wands inspired by hair brushes, hair rollers and a hairstylist’s hands so as to stimulate salon-grade styling and treatment for your eyelashes!

Made with popular ingredients in hair treatments such as Argan Oil that helps repair hair damage and Ceramide that smoothens hair cuticles and locks in moisture to prevent damage, these mascaras are definitely very friendly to your lashes! These are also waterproof and smudge-proof, especially beneficial for Asians’ stick straight lashes. I always use a waterproof mascara to ensure that it holds the curls on my lashes while enduring the heat in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, so these come in really handy for me!

There are 3 variations, namely, 001 Hair Roll Cara (pink) that stimulates hair rollers for that extra oomph of volume, 002 Roll Brush Cara (yellow) that mimics a hairbrush to curl your lashes and 003 Finger Cara (orange) that has 228 bristles parting 3 ways to replicate that of a hairstylist’s hands for lengthening effects! It seems like Clio has thought it all out to pamper and cater to your lash needs with these lovely salon-styling mascaras!

As you can see from the differences in the 3 types of mascara wands, each mascara performs different functions for your lashes.
  • 001 Hair Roll Cara (pink): the plastic/rubbery wand is made in France (how interesting!) and has a hollow centre so as to maximise the volumising capacity. I personally find that the wand makes your lashes clump even though it being small is easy to manoeuvre through your lashes.
  • 002 Roll Brush Cara (yellow): the wand is made of nylon bristles I believe, typical of the usual mascaras in the market. This is my favourite because the bristles allow you to easily coat all of your lashes when you go through them. It is relatively large so you might have to be careful not to accidentally poke your eye.
  • 003 Finger Cara (orange): the wand is made in France and made of rubber I believe, with bristles that part 3 ways. This mascara has cellulose fibres in it to lengthen your lashes. I love fibre mascaras because they really do the trick of adding length to each individual eyelash!
On to the Before/After pictures applying the 3 mascaras! You might not see that much of a difference but my personal favourite is 002 Roll Brush Cara, simply because it has a drier formula for my lashes to stay curled and upright, whereas the 001 Hair Roll Cara weigh down my lashes almost instantly when I apply even though it does its job of volumising. I like using 003 Finger Cara whenever I just want extra lengthy lashes for a casual day out.
Overall, all 3 mascaras are indeed waterproof and smudge-proof but I find that if you do wet your lashes with the mascaras and tug at the formula, the formulas come off pretty easily. Hence, I do not recommend using this if you are going for a swim (but hey, who goes swimming with their mascaras on?!). Also, with my oily lids, 002 Roll Brush Cara lasted the longest without leaving a black residue on my lower eyelid (pretty much the entire day), followed by 003 Finger Cara then 001 Hair Roll Cara. I find that with the Salon de Cara mascara range, there is something for everyone, be it for volume, length or curls.
Hope you enjoyed this review and do let me know if you have tried these mascaras too!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by the sweet team from Clio for review. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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