Confident skin can be made easy with Skin Shape Club: Review

Skin Shape Club treatment review
It’s been quite some time since my last facial, especially due to my hectic work schedules recently, and my skin has been feeling rather dull and fatigue. It could perhaps be also due to the accumulation of stress coupled with the fact that I got caught with the flu bug. Thankfully, I managed to book an appointment via GetKlarity at Skin Shape Club, a serene and comfy facial boutique tucked in a corner of Orchard Central.
Once you’ve stepped into the boutique, you’ll be greeted with a minimalist monochrome layout, which is in fact, very soothing to the eyes and the serenity makes you feel at peace too.
I was early, hence I took the chance to make myself comfortable at the cosy waiting area, taking selfies and shots of the place while soaking in the nice ambience.
I was shortly greeted by my therapist and she brought me a welcome tea – a warm cup of longan tea with a cold towel to freshen up! The orchid flower makes the tea set very welcoming, doesn’t it? 😉
And of course, it’s selfie time with the mirror in front of me 😛 I just couldn’t resist.
And so here’s a shot of my therapist and I before my facial. Look at how smooth her skin is! *squeals in envy*
My facial started with an in-depth skin & body questionnaire for current and future references, just for the therapist to understand a little better on your primary and secondary skin concerns for her to better treat your skin. It was indeed a very detailed set of profiling form to fill!
So I was there for the Skin Shaper Plus Facial (60 mins), a facial treatment for revealing younger and healthier looking skin. The facial program is designed by medical and dermal experts from overseas and locals using the trademark registered LHE® technology (Light & Heat Energy) for skin rejuvenation, collagen renewal and acne clearance.
My facial experience was completely mind-blowing because my therapist was very thorough in terms of cleansing, mild extraction, light & heat therapy using a device and even an eyebrow trimming component!
Not to mention, the bed is actually HEATED! I’m afraid of cold, hence during facials, I tend to find myself needing thicker/more blanket to keep warm. At Skin Shape Club, the bed has a bed warmer which helps keep your back comfortable and away from cold! How cool is that?
Coupled with the Signature Face & Shoulder Massage, you’ll just drift off to sleep feeling completely relaxed and soothed. I felt the tension in my shoulders being gotten rid of with the precise techniques that my therapist executed. It was truly an hour of pampering indulgence!
After the treatment, I was being ushered to a room that looks like a nice pantry with an outside view and I was being served tea and a dessert of white fungus and chinese almond – one that is filled with goodness to nourish the skin.
Thanks to my skillful therapist, I can have good skin! Can you see the results of my facial? I have makeup on before my treatment, and the after-treatment photo is my complete bare face! I actually dared to step out of the boutique without putting on any form of makeup! I felt so confident of my skin! You really got to try this facial for yourself to see the immediate results.
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Facial treatment was invited by GetKlarity for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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