Stay trendy with Designer Glasses at First Eyewear Centre: Review

Designer Glasses at First Eyewear Centre

I’ve never been a glasses person even though I am myopic. For a long time now, I’ve never thought that I look good in spectacles. Hence, I’ve never been able to head out of the house wearing my glasses. In recent months, as a seasoned contact lens wearer, I find that my eyes tend to lean to the dry side and they get tired easily. Naturally, one would opt for glasses instead, right?

New Eye Glasses

Just when I was considering the option, Italian Eyewear Manufacturer and distributor, Safilo Singapore invited me for a clinical eye examination and gifted me my first pair of designer glasses at First Eyewear Centre.

Well, how do I look? I picked this design in classic black from the Kate Spade range. I really love how it’s very versatile because of the black frame. The sides are gold while the back of the specs are in tortoise shell prints. I think I look good in it, what do you think? I felt a lot more confident wearing specs out of the house even in makeup!

About First Eyewear Centre

Well, First Eyewear Centre was established in 1975 in Katong Shopping Centre by owner and director, Careen Low, before relocating to the 2700-square-foot concept store at 713 East Coast Road. Being patient-centred, the centre is fully equipped with the latest eye diagnostic tools to detect common ocular diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataract. How interesting, right?

I was initially really apprehensive on taking the test because I didn’t like the idea of finding out my health through my eyes. In any case, I’m glad I went for it. I first had a regular eye test to check for my degree change, followed by a comprehensive eye examination to check on my eye health.

The Eye Examination

As mentioned, the centre can perform comprehensive eye examination including optical coherence tomography, non-mydriatic fundus photography, noncontact tonometry and digital slit-lamp biomicroscopy. It can also perform A-scan biometry for paediatric orthokeratology, a reversible alternative for myopic eyes by using FDA approved rigid gas permeable lenses at night only.

Phew, thank goodness the test went well and my eyes are pretty healthy except that they are very dry due to prolonged contact lens wear.

The Concept Store

Being a concept store, the centre also has got a nice resting area for your loved ones who are accompanying you to relax and wait around. I love that they provide magazines too for you to pass time while waiting. Such a homely place!

Of course, when you first step into the store, you’ll be greeted with shelves and shelves of eye wear, from designer sunglasses to spectacles, and even sporty ones!

Well, being a fan of Kate Spade, I was naturally drawn to the Kate Spade range of shades and glasses. There’s seriously a wide variety for you to choose from!

I am totally spoilt for choice with the wide range of sunglasses and spectacles. Even though the little ribbon details on the Kate Spade sunglasses were very tempting, I decided to pick a pair of eye glasses, and now I’m happily wearing it every day 🙂

My Choice

You can still look good with makeup even in glasses! I did a makeup look to suit my Kate Spade glasses and I love the outcome of it. A note of caution: complete your eye makeup WITHOUT having mascara. Wearing glasses, your lashes tend to sweep against the inner lenses. Hence, the lenses will get dirty after a day of wear. Avoid mascara so that you do not need to excessively wash the lenses afterwards.

By the way, my lenses are a pair of Shamir Relax Lenses, dedicated for fatigue relief, so that even after long hours of wear, my eyes will feel less tired.

How do you think I look? Teehee, I’m definitely striving to head out more often with makeup in glasses!

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Glasses were provided by First Eyewear Centre for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It does contain information from the brand itself. I am NOT compensated by the brand.

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