Refresh your scalp with Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Haircare: Review

Dr. FORHAIR Folligen Haircare

It’s been some time since my scalp gave me any problems. However, due to the cold weather in Shanghai back from my business trip, my scalp has been really dry and flaky. I thought coming back to the tropical climate and diligently scrubbing my scalp with shampoo were solutions, but I was wrong. I couldn’t see an improvement in my flaky scalp until I’ve tried the Dr.FORHAIR Folligen Haircare range. I must say that the products came just in time for me to save my scalp issues.

About Dr FORHAIR Folligen Haircare

Dr.FORHAIR is a hair care and scalp specialist company, with its products formulated via the clinical expertise of highly-recognised hair transplant medical group FORHAIR, which has a trusted 24-year history in Korea. I too didn’t know about the brand until I was given a chance to try their star products! In particular, I’ve tried the Folligen Shampoo, the Folligen Scaler and the Folligen Easy Swab to rid of my flaky scalp problem.

The Ingredients

In case you didn’t know, as part of the natural aging process, DHT is a hormone that attaches itself to the roots of your hair follicles and causes them to shrink over time. By inhibiting the production of DHT, the amount of hair loss can be reduced. Thus, Dr.FORHAIR, with its Folligen ingredient that contains Saw Palmetto, helps slows down the enzyme that produces DHT, which in turn reduces hair fall as the process is being delayed. Therefore the Folligen range helps to ensure that your scalp remains healthy and hair loss reduced.

Folligen Shampoo

The first I tried was the Folligen Shampoo and I really liked the fruit fragrance upon dispensing it!

Like the usual shampoos, this Folligen Shampoo comes in a pump bottle for easy dispense. It is said to help cleanse scalp pores blocked with dandruff and oil and thus nurtures a healthy scalp for hair roots to produce strong hair.

Surprisingly, the shampoo’s texture is much like milk, instead of the regular gel-like sticky texture but somehow, produces quite a healthy amount of lather. After washing, you’ll feel a cooling sensation which feels pretty good and refreshing. I quite like this shampoo because it makes me feel that my scalp is squeaky clean and healthy! It does help my hair to be smoother as well.

Folligen Scaler

As mentioned earlier, after coming back from a cold and dry climate, my scalp started to flake really badly, to the extent that I had to individually pick the flakes out from my hair. Yes, I know, it sounds nasty but this Folligen Scaler solves my problem within days!

The Folligen Scaler is a deep cleansing scrub that uses Dead Sea Salt to purify the scalp by removing excessive sebum, dirt and other impurities from the hair. I must say that though it really helps to remove dandruff and dirt, it does dry out my hair quite a bit. I would recommend you to use this before the Folligen Shampoo so that you don’t leave the bathroom with unmanageable hair.

The product comes in a bottle with a small tip for you to accurately apply to the problem areas on the scalp.

Folligen Easy Swabs

If you feel that your scalp is itchy or uncomfortable during the day, opt for the Folligen Easy Swabs. They are essentially giant cotton buds soaked in a special Folligen formula. It helps you to remove excessive sebum, dandruff, itching, and impurities on the scalp. In addition, it leaves a fresh cool menthol fragrance too.

It comes in a box for your weekly needs and you can travel with them easily. Simply peel the packaging and you’re good to use. Apply the swabs onto areas you want to refresh! It also kinda acts like a dry shampoo, but better, because of the cooling, minty effect!

Overall, I was very surprised at the results of this hair care range. It helped me overcome my flaky scalp issues within a couple of days, and the products smell really good too!

If you are interested, you may check out the entire range at Just Nile.

Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Dr.FORHAIR Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT affiliated to nor compensated by the brand.

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