Effortless elegance with M∙A∙C x GiAMBATTiSTA VALLI Lipsticks: Review & Swatches

My love for M∙A∙C comes in the form of lipsticks. I am a huge lover for M∙A∙C’s limited edition collections, those with unique packaging. With my undying love for makeup, I told myself to pick up only one lipstick (and a blush or an eyeshadow palette) per limited edition launch so that I could keep  them but couture fashion designer, Giambattista Valli, collaborated with M∙A∙C and came up with a brilliant collection of timeless lipsticks.
Lo and behold. The M∙A∙C x GiAMBATTiSTA VALLI lipsticks.
Giambattista Valli (read his short interview here) brings forth his effortless elegance and celebration of the female form in this exquisite collection. There are five lipsticks in this collection and they are all matte. In the coral of Tats, pale pink of Bianca B, pure peach of Margherita, regal red of Charlotte and dark cherry of Eugenie, lips take on an air of sophistication.
(Bianca B is sooo pretty on the model!)
What drew me to snag not one, but four out of five of the lipsticks is the packaging. Indeed, the shades are not as unique, as you can get them from a lot of other brands out there, but can you see how bloody gorgeous are these?!
Did you know that the lipsticks are named after Valli’s friends? Bianca, Margherita, Tatiana and Eugenie were friends he grew up with! How interesting!
The lipsticks are housed in the typical M∙A∙C lipstick bullet in their own bullet shades:
  • Bianca B (not pictured) – pale white pink
  • Margherita – yellow bright peach
  • Tats – bright hot pink
  • Charlotte – rich yellow red
  • Eugenie – dark cherry with blue undertone


I don’t usually wear matte lipsticks because of my dry lips but I found that M∙A∙C’s mattes are one of the only formulas that work for my lips. They aren’t drying and I like how long-lasting they are! The formula literally clings onto your lips such that you really need a makeup remover to remove every single bit of it.
I always find swatching the lipsticks on the arm isn’t enough to show how the shades turn out. After all, the shade might not appear exactly on the lips as it is on the arm so, here are lip swatches of the shades I got! I have only four, because Bianca B was waaaaaay too light for me to even apply anywhere. I thought really hard about it but realised I wouldn’t touch it at all, so it was a no-go.
These shades really aren’t anything special because you’ve got your warm hot pink, your regular red and a deep plum shade. I would probably think Margherita is the one that’s pretty unique out of the four I’ve got BUT, I can’t wear this shade out on its own because the colour is too stark for my skin tone. Boohoo, I shall just keep it. Oh and I find that Tats and Charlotte are more moisturising than the other two.
The M∙A∙C x GiAMBATTiSTA VALLI lipsticks are priced at S$34 and will be launching on 12 September at Ngee Ann City and 13 September in Bugis, Sephora and Tangs Orchard.
Well, are you ready to snag any of these when they launch?
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were bought on my own. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. I am not affiliated nor compensated by the company.

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