Essential skin maintenance with ASTIQUE’s Laser Treatments: Review

ASTIQUE’s Laser Treatments

It’s been more than 6 months with ASTIQUE, The Aesthetic Clinic now and I can confidently say that my skin and complexion has tremendously improved. If you saw me from 6-8 months ago, you’d probably notice that my skin had huge zits and really pigmented acne scars, coupled with really dry skin. In recent days, my skin has taken a huge improvement for me to confidently be out and about with absolutely no makeup at all!

Last week, I went for my 4th session and I was thrilled that the therapist commented that my skin has greatly improved from the first time I visited. Dr. Ng, the doctor assigned to me right from the very start, also mentioned my skin now requires just regular maintenance to preserve the condition.

The Treatments

As with my usual routine, I went for the following treatments:

  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation (Nd:YAG laser) – fights my pigmentation issues
  • PPx Pore-Cleansing ACNE Treatment™ (PPX) – remove acne-causing impurities – and woohoo, they had an upgrade on this machine!
  • CoolTouch – gently stimulates collagen growth and improves pores

When I first started out, I wanted to beautify my face without getting any invasive treatments. The best option was to adopt laser treatments as part of my beauty routine. I was recommended the 3 treatments to collectively lighten the acne scars and pigmentation, and to also stimulate collagen growth so that my skin looks healthier and less tired/dry.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

As mentioned in my first treatment here, this Laser Skin Rejuvenation with an Nd:YAG laser uses light energy to stimulate natural collagen growth to reveal smoother and healthier looking skin. As the laser light penetrates age spots and pigmentation, they are concurrently being lightened too.

A firm believer of not having numbing cream before my laser treatments, I can assure you that the pain level of this treatment is probably 2/10? You’ll only feel a prickly sensation going through your skin, but it may feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to it.

PPx Laser

The next step was the PPx. This time round, Dr. Ng had mentioned to me that the machine they are using for this has been upgraded, which means increased effectivity too! In this step, it’s no longer having a gentle vacuum with therapeutic broadband light. This new machine uses sharp light to help eliminate acne and pigmentation, while rejuvenating and brightening the skin. You’ll feel heated pulses of light going through your skin but watch out the areas with baby hairs because they might sting a little.

For me, it’s a combination of blue and red light to help combat my skin concerns.


And of course, finishing off with CoolTouch to stimulate natural collagen growth, improve the appearance of pores and irregular pigmentation. It’s painless and is also the most comfortable treatment of the 3.

Chemical Peel

Then finally, it was another Chemical Peel for me for skin brightening.

The Results

I was trying very hard to dig out my photos from before I joined ASTIQUE and I managed to find a bare-faced one of me then. Comparing the 2, you can clearly see that my skin has really gotten so much better, less spots! I’m not lying when I say I can confidently head out without makeup now. It might not be the best yet, but I’m glad it has really improved.

(Geez, somehow, I’m having the SAME pimple on the forehead at the SAME spot.)

And of course, I don’t have to reply on thick, heavy makeup (mainly foundation) to cover my flaws.

Cheers to better skin!

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand.

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