Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection: Review & Swatches

Etude House Princess Happy Ending

“Revel in the realm of an enchanting fairytale to let your inner princess shine.”

Etude House, the no.1 K-Beauty makeup brand, knows that every woman has a fairytale fantasy and often desire to look pristine and flawless as her favourite Disney princess (I do!!). Therefore, joining forces with Walt Disney, Etude House launches its latest Disney Princess Collection – Princess Happy Ending – to fulfill every woman’s royal dream.
Inspired by the happy endings and the princesses’ characteristics in their fairytales, the coveted collection consists of – Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White – which include an assortment of makeup products like mascara, BB cream, nail polishes, lipsticks, blushers and eyeshadows to prepare YOU for the royal highness makeover!

Etude House have also taken that extra step to create that intricate storybook packaging, a customised iconic barcode for each princess packaging and also exquisite details in some of the products like the floral design in the rose blushers! How can any girl resist?!
Follow me and let’s discover the magical realms of the 4 Disney Princesses!
Belle in Beauty & the Beast
Belle is a beautiful, intelligent and witty woman whose tale is proof that true love is beyond looks. This line is based on the signature enchanted rose given to the Beast and consists of 2 rose blushers, a purple lipstick and a nail polish kit (each kit comes with 2 nail polishes, $12) with colour-changing stickers according to temperature difference!
I absolutely love the Belle Purple Rose Lips lipstick ($17) – it is very moisturising and hydrating as compared to the usual lipsticks that Etude House carries (except Dear My Wish Lips) and my, look at those details on the blushers!! The coral one, Coral Shine Rose ($16), reminds me of NARS Orgasm due to its shiny gold reflects and the lighter pink, Pink Shine Rose ($16), is just a sweet powder pink for the apples of the cheeks to give you that cute and innocent look.
Jasmine in Aladdin
Brave, confident and independent, Jasmine personifies feminine strength in the story of Aladdin. The exotic Arabian princess line is inspired by the outgoing personality of Jasmine and her heritage. It includes the popular Lash Perm Proof Shockara ($24) and a set of nail kit which offer a whole new world with an edgy look! Pretty lean collection for this princess but definitely not the least in terms of quality!
Portrayed as a beautiful, caring and resilient character, Cinderella has faith that if you keep believing, your dreams will come true. Inspired by her magical transformation into wearing the signature ball gown, the Cinderella line includes 3 shades of cream glitter eyeshadows and a nail kit. I simply LOVE the glitter shadows, they are so brilliantly made! With these beautiful shades, you will look glamorous and gorgeous even after the clock strikes midnight.

There are 3 different shades of eyeshadows ($13 each), namely:
#1 Pink Glass Heels – a glittery rosy pink
#2 Magic Pumpkin – a glittery gold-bronze
#3 Evening Party – a glittery coffee brown

My favourite products in the entire line other than the rose blushers! They feel so soft and smooth as well! Very blendable and lasted me the whole day on my oily eyelids under an eye primer (Benefit Stay Don’t Stray).

Snow White
Snow White’s inherent kindness, purity and impeccable beauty has always made her the centre of attraction. Taking inspiration from the lovely princess’ traits and the iconic red apple in the fairytale, the Snow White line is predominantly red and white. It consists of Etude House’s best-selling Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit ($27) to make you look “as white as snow”, a red lipstick and a nail kit. This beauty set allows every lady to be the fairest of them all!
This collection consists of my favourite nail kit because of the signature apple red and the super cute waterproof decals with apples, tiaras and mirrors! Such a fun and cute nail kit, isn’t it? And as I am typing this, my nails are actually manicured with this super adorable nail kit (review up next week)!
And of course, how can we forget that signature red lips on Snow White right? As with the Belle Purple Rose Lips lipstick, the Snow White Apple Red Lips lipstick ($17) (gosh the names are so long) is very hydrating as well, as it doesn’t accentuate the lines on my lips and stays on pretty well without drying my lips out. I really love the formula and I wish they made 2 more for Cinderella and Jasmine (so that I can own 2 more colours :P)!
Also, there are 2 shades of Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit in this line as well – Light Beige N02 for lighter skin tones and Natural Beige W13 for light-medium to medium skin tones. I use Natural Beige W13 and it suits my skin just right. The 3-in-1 BB cream has been developed with whitening. sun protection (SPF30 PA++) and wrinkle care properties to reduce appearance of age, blemishes and evening out the skin tone, making the skin fairer and brighter.
Here are the 2 shades on my hand as dispensed, and when blended out. I don’t think you can see it clearly here but Light Beige NO2 blended out on my skin with a white cast because it’s too light while Natural Beige W13 blends into my skin tone.
Woohoo and swatches for the lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushers to end off this lengthy post of beautiful, ethereal-like products for that magical transformation in you!
The Princess Happy Ending collection is a limited edition collection, so do find the entire collection in Etude House’s largest flagship store in the world at Wisma Atria (Singapore) #B1-20/21/22 and remember to grab your favourite ones before they are sold out!
Now go have your own princess magical makeover!~
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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  1. Hello Juneci! Actually the whole set was sent to me by Etude House Singapore! I really love this collection too! Just buy the key products like the lipsticks if you like the colours, the blushers or maybe 1 or 2 of the eyeshadows! Those are the ones I really love!

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