Exploring J-makeup with Dejavu Paint-On False Lashes & Stay-On Eyeliners: Review & Swatches

Dejavu Paint-On False Lashes
Heard of the brand Dejavu? I haven’t and it’s my first time using products from the Japanese makeup line. The brand develops eye makeup products based on functionality. Each product is said to feature enhanced appeal as a “true beauty tool” that both embodies a unique concept and delivers clearly visible results.
For this review, I’ll be testing out the Dejavu Paint-On False Lashes mascaras and Stay-On Eyeliners and let’s see if they truly are awesome beauty tools.

The Paint-On False Lashes mascaras have been revamped in 2015 and it’s now available in three types with improved formula:
  • Lash Knockout – Volumizing
  • Fiberwig – Lengthening
  • Keep Style – Holds lashes up (not pictured)
I have with me both the Lash Knockout and Fiberwig for trial. In general, I find both mascaras’ formulas to be a little wet and heavy as I noticed that it will slightly weigh my lashes down. After about an hour, my lashes are pretty much going back to its usual stick straight form despite curling.
The Fiberwig Ultra Long claims to lengthen your lashes with 1.4 times more fibers (than the previous formula I think). You can see in the photo the little tiny “hairs” sticking out of the mascara wand. Those are fibers that will adhere to your lashes to make them seemingly longer.
See the curved wand? I like how the structure of it is able to coat my every single lash right from their roots, eliminating clumps and keeping my lashes separated at the same time. I do like that it lengthens my lashes but for the fact that it doesn’t hold curls that well, I believe this isn’t the right mascara for me. If you already have naturally curled-up lashes and want length, then I think this is for you!
On the other hand, the Lash Knockout Extra Volume is a volumising mascara that coats your lashes, making every lash thicker and fuller. The formula doesn’t contain fibers as with the Fiberwig but instead, consists of a linking liquid film. The film creates a smooth coat around the volumising ingredient and they work together in making your lashes fuller. The curved brush also makes for easy spreading of product onto the lashes without causing clumps.
Both mascaras are easily removed with warm water and generally do not smudge on my oily eyelids even after a whole day of wear.
Here’s the comparison of the two different mascaras against my bare lashes. The Lash Knockout clearly makes my lashes thicker, blacker and fuller while the Fiberwig extends my lashes a little bit more than the Lash Knockout does.
On to the eyeliners!
Don’t you think the colours are such happy colours for eyeliner pens? We usually have them in black or brown, and it’s so hard to distinguish which is which! With the bright, vibrant packaging, I can easily find my eyeliner from my eyeliner stash.
There are only three in Dejavu’s range of eyeliners, namely:


  • Lasting-fine S Pencil – pencil-type eyeliner that glides on easily
  • Lasting-fine S Brush Pen Liquid – ultra-fine brush pen for smooth and precise drawing
  • Lasting-fine S Felt Liquid – fine felt tip pen that’s blur-resistant and easy to draw
All three eyeliners are said to be waterproof and repel oil, sweat, tears and even friction. However, I wasn’t really pleased with all three liners in terms of the properties claimed. Both liquid eyeliners faded off on my oily lids during midday and required touch-up, while the pencil eyeliner smudged on my lower lash line.
I do like the colour intensity of all three eyeliners as they are seriously loaded with great pigments that do not stain the skin. However, the lasting power is what annoys me most. For you ladies with dry lids, I figure this would be perfect for you.
A mandatory shot of me in my liquid liner and mascara from Dejavu! I’m using the Lasting-fine S Felt Liquid and Fiberwig Lengthening mascara. Can you vaguely see some thin lashes at the corner of my eyes? Those were the heroes standing up while the rest went droopy, haha!
Have you tried any products from Dejavu? Share your thoughts with me!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent from the Dejavu team for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated by the company.

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