Confidence with the Right Fit from Finelycup by FabLife Style: Review

Bra fitting at Finelycup Singapore

Often, we hear that 80% of the women are wearing their bras wrongly, are you one of them? I am, unfortunately, guilty as charged too! I never knew that I was wearing my bra incorrectly until I went for a bra fitting session with Finelycup by FabLife Style Singapore.

We women have got different shapes and sizes when it comes to breasts and not all bras are made equal to fit our busts. It is important that we wear the right bras to support our lady lumps while also allowing us to obtain good body posture.

About FabLife Style/Finelycup

I’ve never thought that my bra could be a reason why I am often slouching until my friendly consultant from Finelycup, Alice, pointed out to me. At the FabLife Style Flagship Store (kinda like a studio), located in the heart of North Bridge Road, there are a variety of lingerie, bras, shapewear and corsets from Finelycup. It’s a nice cosy space with various other lifestyle products such as natural health supplements, skincare and more.

Finelycup by Fablife Style
(Bra fitting & consultation at Finelycup by Fablife Style)

Finelycup by Fablife Style
(The supplements and skincare ranges on display)

Why Finelycup?

Prior to the consultation, I made an appointment with Alice. I was greeted by Alice and her friendly colleague at the studio for the bra fitting and consultation session. Before we began, Alice took my bust measurements before we proceeded to analyse my bust area. As I do not have much body fat, it was important to ensure that the back fats (moveable fats) were pushed to the front for fuller-looking breasts.

Finelycup by Fablife Style
(The bra set ranges and more)


Finelycup by Fablife Style
(Consultation with Alice from Fablife Style)

The Proper Way of Wearing a Bra

Alice taught me the right way of wearing a bra to also improve my slouching posture:

  1. Ensure that the bra band is nice and snug, not too tight, with a 2-finger allowance
  2. The bra straps should sit parallel to the arms instead being in the middle of the shoulders, with a 2-finger gap
  3. Push all back fats out to the front, then upwards to fill the bra cups

My Thoughts

Right after I learnt the correct manner of adorning a bra, I tried on one of Finelycup’s latest lingerie design. What I love about their bras is the fact that they are all wireless and provide excellent bust support. This totally means comfort! I hate to wear wired bras because they can be really tight and cause headaches if worn for the entire day.

Finelycup by Fablife Style
(My Finelycup Christmas Gift, yay!)

C/o of Finelycup, I was given a wireless and seamless bra & panty set and I’ve been wearing it so much! My body posture improved with continuous wearing of the Finelycup bra, and talk about the sexy cleavage that I never knew I could have! The push-up is definitely much needed! 😉 It’s a confidence boost especially when I’m wearing low-cut outfits.

Finelycup by Fablife Style
(Christmas came early, now it’s time to look confident for my parties!)

The Finelycup lingerie sets retail for SGD86 and above, and each comes with a matching bra & panty.

Instagram Giveaway

Like to win a lingerie set from Finelycup? Head to my Instagram post to enter and have a boost of confidence with Finelycup!


FabLife Style
Address: 883 North Bridge Road,
South Bank #13-02, Singapore 198785
Tel: +65 9637 9627
Wechat: Search for FABLife_AlwaysAspire

Create yourself and be gorgeous!
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Bra Fitting & Consultation is provided by FabLife Style Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am compensated by the brand to provide the review.

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