Fresh, delicate romanticism with Givenchy’s Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale: Review

Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale
I’ve fallen in love.
Deeply, I plunge into the wild and carefree fragrance from Givenchy’s Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale. A delicate blend of fresh, floral notes is pure romance and I’m addicted now. Such a timely arrival because my current favourite is depleting and I was wondering if I needed to repurchase. With this crisp, light-hearted scent, my heart has wavered and I’ve fallen in love with it.

The packaging presents as an intricate, emblematic glass bottle with romantic flesh-pink liquid, while the precious, elegant box has a backdrop of the purest porcelain white with a portrait gallery enhanced with powdery pink-coloured frames. Its simplicity definitely does not diminish its ornate beauty.

Like a muse is to a poet, the woman who wears this delicate scent possesses unabashed femininity. Everything about her is an ode to beauty, freshness and grace.

Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale is the fragrance for a young woman coming into her own, reflective of what I am experiencing now. Perhaps it’s the story behind the creation of the fragrance that I feel so connected to this particular scent.
This refreshing yet elegant composition begins with a burst of crisp, fresh juices of pear, enhanced by the crystalline and vibrant notes of fruity pink grapefruit. When I took a first whiff at this, I fell in love instantly at how graceful the scent starts out. Imagine a young refined lady dressed in her champagne cocktail dress, sashaying down a flight of stairs of a grand ballroom – that’s pretty much how I would describe this fragrance.
Wondering why it was love at first whiff, I looked into the core notes of this lady. The core of the perfume captures aromas of light, watery jasmine, enveloped in the delicate sweet notes of Hamanasu, or Japanese wild rose. Roses, they are my favourite. It’s no wonder I feel so much for this uncomplicated sweet scent.
As Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale settles, it exudes a hint of creaminess without being powdery with its snugly wrap of blonde woods and musk as base notes. The fragrance doesn’t stray too much from its top notes as time lapses. Instead it fades off gently, leaving a lofty, nectarous tang that lingers.

The unoffensive, tender and warm notes make this fragrance a delight to wear for most occasions, especially during day-time. It’s no surprise that it’s going to be my signature scent, my holy grail.

The Eau Demoiselle de Givenchy Eau Florale retails for S$100 for 50ml and S$140 for 100ml.

Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: The EDT was given by Givenchy Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand. I am not compensated by/affiliated with the brand.

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