Frizz be gone with The Comb’s Privy Hair Treatment: Review

The Comb's Privy Hair Treatment
Sometime back before I flew to Europe for business/personal matters, I had a chance to pamper my frizzy tresses at The Comb Singapore. It was high time I needed to treat the dryness and frizziness and was I glad that the kind team from The Comb invited me for a treatment session the Privy Treatment that encompasses 3 steps to nourish your hair.
The Comb’s mission is to “Do the right things right for our clients, first time, every time.” The staff at The Comb believe in customers being the epitome of survival, therefore they aim to pamper clients in every single aspect, by meeting needs through excellent customer service.

Located in a quaint little spot in Gemmil Lane, this hair salon is in the heart of the Central Business District, convenient for the working adults who want to pay the salon a visit either during lunch hours or after work. It’s a rather small cozy salon, so don’t expect anything fancy or grand when you enter its doors.
The treatment I was invited for is called the Caretico Hair Treatment that came from Arimino, Japan. It is rich and helps to nourish dry and brittle hair. I believe I had the moist hair treatment but frankly speaking, I wished the staff at The Comb had more time explaining the different steps along the way. They were understaffed that day and I didn’t exactly felt as relaxing as I thought it would be.
Basically, what the treatment does is to deeply moisturise and nourish hair with potent nutrients so as to strengthen hair and makes it smooth and incredibly soft.
I would love to rave on and on about how great the treatment is given that the products they use are from Japan, but sadly, it seemed to be like a one-time off kind of treatment like most on the market. No doubt the hair feels soft and shiny but after one wash, my damaged hair seemed to come out of the closet. With the price tag, I think there are better alternatives to investing in your hair in my opinion. I do appreciate the service though as they still managed to make my hair all pretty and shiny even though they were understaffed.
About The Comb
The Comb came to life when Creative Director Rina Kil and her partners decided to design a hair salon with a comfortable atmosphere and a “straight to the point” solution-solving mentality. Such a name also resonates strongly with Rina when she was given a family heirloom – a Mother-of-pearl comb by a late relative who brought her through childhood in Seoul and told her to “Galida (Comb) your hair and show the world what you’ve got.”
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡

XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Hair service was sponsored by The Comb Singapore. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. I am NOT compensated nor affiliated to the company.

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