Fruity treatments for your skin with Collistar Sorbet Creams: Review

Collistar Sorbet Creams
My skin’s been smelling like fruits lately, while being moisturised, thanks to the Collistar Sorbet Creams! These sorbet creams are essentially moisturisers with special skincare properties depending on the type of fruit extracts being used. They can also be used as masks too!
This is going to be a mini review after trying them out for a week or so. The sorbet creams come in four different “flavours”:
  • Strawberry (Moisturising Sorbet Cream) – for balanced moisturisation and dynamic skin
  • Blackcurrant (Mattifying Sorbet Cream)– for mattifying the skin
  • Blueberry (Soothing Sorbet Cream) – for soothing and protecting the skin
  • Raspberry (Energy+Brightening Sorbet Cream) – for reducing signs of fatigue and for healthier looking skin
The Moisturising Sorbet Cream with strawberry extract smells just like sweet strawberry candy. It comes in a light pink squeeze tube. The cream is made with Basilicata strawberry extract, NMF Complex®, hyaluronic acid and Aqualance™ to stimulate moisturisation deep within the skin, while the vitamin C+E provides antioxidant effects.
I find that the texture of the cream is very light, just like sorbets as opposed to regular thick ice creams, hence the name. It instantly provides the skin with moisture yet doesn’t weigh down your skin in my opinion. It does leave a very slight oily residue on the skin though, which I feel is great to apply before bed so that your skin doesn’t produce too much oil at night.
On the other hand, if you have combination and oily skin, you can opt for the Mattifying Sorbet Cream with blackcurrant extract. It’s made with Tuscan blackcurrant extract which has astringent properties and soothing flavonoids and tannins (i.e. plant-based antioxidants with vitamin character) to make sure that your skin is smooth yet matte. I find that the matte-light effect is rather slight. You’re more likely to feel that velvety feeling on your skin instead.
Though I like the feeling it leaves on my skin, I am not a fan of its strong blackcurrant perfume-like scent, not on my face. It smells so much like my current Lancôme Tresor in Love, Midnight Rose Eau de Parfum. Be careful with this as I’m afraid the scent might cause sensitivity issues with certain skin types.
Do you have hypersensitive skin? If you do, fret not, there’s something for you too! The Soothing Sorbet Cream with blueberry extract should work well for your skin! Personally I didn’t quite like the powdery blueberry scent but I am in favour of its texture. It’s very light yet absorbs quickly into the skin. It contains Matrixin-Complex® that helps rebuild the skin’s protective barrier while Skinasensyl™ and lilac flower embryonic cells help strengthen skin tissue and relieve redness and irritation.
My skin’s pretty sensitive and this didn’t cause any reaction, thankfully. I like using this before bed because it helps my skin to be sufficiently moisturised.
The last of the range has got my favourite fruit in it – raspberries! The Energy+Brightness Sorbet Cream is specially developed with rapsberry extract from Trentino to stimulate skin cell energy and slow down ageing at the same time. Meant for ageing skin, it helps to protect skin cell integrity, preventing wrinkles from forming while hydrating the skin from deep down! I love the fruity passion fruit and raspberry scent of this moisturiser. It makes your skin smell so fruity, like you’ve just soaked in a fruit bath! This moisturiser also helps to perk up dull and fatigue skin, bringing your skin to life.
I’ve realised that all four sorbet creams have got the same texture hence I only did one product swatch on my wrist to show you how light while moisturising the texture is, just by its appearance.
By the way, Collistar was founded in Milan in 1983. Made in Italy, the brand is innovative and always at the forefront of the research field. For 12 years, Collistar has been the best-selling cosmetics brand in perfumeries. With a scientific approach and use of high technology, combined with an all-Italian passion for creativity, quality and beauty and a constant attention to price, Collistar piques itself as the top-end brand that is extremely affordable in Italy.
The Collistar Sorbet Creams are priced at S$33.90, available exclusively at all Sasa stores and SELECTIV’ by Sasa at ION Orchard Link.


Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sent by the Sasa Singapore team for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated by any companies.

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