Get Trendy & Vivid with Etude House’s Dear My Wish Lips-Talk: Review & Swatches

Etude House's Dear My Wish Lips-Talk
I admit that I do not need anymore lipsticks because my lipstick drawer is seriously exploding with lippies in all shapes, sizes and colours, but how can you resist new releases? 😉 K-Beauty brand Etude House has launched its new line of lipsticks endorsed by K-Pop star Krystal from popular girl group f(x) – Dear My Wish Lips-Talk! This lipstick collection tells a romantic story which grants the wish of a girl when a lipstick shade is applied. Hence, these lippies come in very cute and fanciful names for you to connect with!

Dear My Wish Lips-Talk consists of 10 shades, ranging from nudes, corals, pinks and reds – there is something for your every occasion! The shades I have with me are:

  • BE101 Chic Hollywood Beige
  • PK001 Dreamy Propose Pink
  • PK003 Secret Date Pink

As with Etude House’s usual pink lipstick packaging, these never fail to make me feel pampered like a princess! Apparently you could even take the ribbon part out to wear as a ring, how versatile! Formulated with increased plant skin care ingredients, these lipsticks melt into a liquid-like texture upon application for a soft yet surprisingly vivid colour.  Out of all 3 shades, my favourite is definitely PK003 Secret Date Pink because I find it to be much more moisturising than the other 2 lighter shades.

I remembered coming across these last year when I was in the store swatching (on my hand and lips) and I found them to be different from the usual Etude House lipsticks. They are indeed highly pigmented with high shine, and feel a lot more velvety smooth when applied on the lips, especially so for the darker shades. However, for the lighter shades, I had to make sure my lips were already moisturised before applying the lipsticks, else they would look like I slabbed on paint.

(I believe PK003 Thrilling Secret Date Pink is the korean name. In SG, the name is without “thrilling”)


Here are some swatches!


As you can see from my lip swatches, they might look matte/dry but they are not the case. I usually use a finger to blend in the shades into my lips, hence when taken with a high resolution camera, the lips look like they are dehydrated.


(Foundation used is the Etude House Stay Up Foundation)

Just for your information, I found all the lipsticks names very interesting hence I decided to list them all!

  • PK001 Dreamy Propose Pink,
  • PK002 Pit-a-Pat First Kiss Pink
  • PK003 Secret Date Pink
  • OR201 Hidden Innocence Coral
  • OR202 Admired Actress Coral
  • OR203 Intellectual City Girl Coral
  • RD301 Breaking Out For Once Red
  • RD302 Bold Runway Burgundy
  • BE101 Chic Hollywood Beige
  • BE102 Enchanting Goddess Beige
So, which Dear My Wish Lips-Talk girl are you? 😉
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were sponsored by the respective brands for review. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains some information from the brand itself.

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