Illuminate your complexion with Guerlain Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls: Review & Swatches

Guerlain Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls

Guerlain is known for its Météorites, loose powder created in the form of multi-coloured pearls. To celebrate its 30th birthday, Météorites has created a new luminous harmony that delicately warms up the complexion. The Guerlain Météorites Birthday Candle Pearls illuminate your skin with a soft, diffuse light, just like the flattering glow of a candle.

Being a fan of the Météorites, this anniversary edition of the classic pearls is a must-have in my vanity. How can anyone resist the sweet pink case with beautiful gold, pink and champagne/white pearls?

The Birthday Candle Pearls, as many have tried and tested, mentioned that this did not work for them. On the contrary, I quite like this one as compared to a lot of the past Limited Editions. This set of pearls brightens up your complexion with a subtle glow, like that of a flickering candle. It isn’t meant to provide an obvious in-your-face kind of effect. With 3 kinds of coloured pearls, the powder creates a slightly warm harmony for the skin.

  • Gold Pearls – to fight dullness
  • Pink Pearls – to reveal glow
  • Champagne and White Pearls – to reflect the light

The Technology

The pearls are made with Guerlain’s Stardust technology – diamond powder is encapsulated in micro-spheres. These spheres create a soft-focus perfecting halo on the skin. Light-correcting nacres harmoniously blend together to also give you a perfectly tailored luminosity when you apply the extra-soft powder onto your skin. In effect, you can visibly see how much brighter the right side of my fist is. It has a soft, subtle glow as compared to the bare left side.

The Packaging

The limited edition birthday case inspired by the first 1987 Météorites case houses the beautiful soft pearls. The sweet pink case has a white scalloped embossing which makes this a collectors’ item. As you open up the can, a delicate violet fragrance greets you – inimitable and totally addictive. I love how the pearls smell.

I’m not here to only sing praises for this beauty. Amidst the wonders it does for the skin, I find that this particular edition creates a lot of powder. A whiff of powder came up when I first opened the lid, which was surprising as most of the other editions weren’t like that.

In summary, I really enjoy touching up with this as well because it makes my skin glow in the pink of health!

Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by Guerlain Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT affiliated to nor compensated by the brand.

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