Haul made easy with ShopandBox: Review of my Korean Beauty Haul

Haul made easy with ShopandBox
Once again, I am ShopandBox-ing! 😀 This is already my fourth order because honestly, I am just a very lazy shopper. I would pay for someone to shop my list for me and get my items delivered all the way to my doorstep! 😉 As seen on my Instagram, you’d probably guess (I think you don’t have to guess…) that I’m a HUGE makeup/beauty junkie and I collect all-things-beauty from all over the world!
Of course, to be a makeup junkie, one has to buy and buy and buy, right? 😉 Just kidding. Anyway, thanks to ShopandBox, I managed to haul awesome makeup products from famous brands in Korea that are unavailable in Singapore, how cool is that?!
What is ShopandBox?
ShopandBox is a community of awesome and trustworthy ‘Boxers’ (or your personal shoppers) being match-made with ‘Shoppers’ (you!) based on the Boxers’ shopping interests and this allows for a social shopping experience.
I never knew shopping could be so easy! Before I discovered ShopandBox, I could only stare at the beautiful product flatlays on social media, mainly on my Instagram feed, because they were only made available to countries like U.S., Korea and Australia and many more. With ShopandBox, I managed to explore a wide range of brands including Physicians Formula, Real Techniques, Peri Pera, Banila Co., Espoir etc. For the purpose of the review, I have hauled a couple (okay, maybe a ton) of products from Korea, ranging from makeup to home candles and I was gifted a bunch of masks which I loooove!
How Does ShopandBox Work?
It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! Details can be found here as well.
What you first need to do is to log on to www.shopandbox.com, create an account and sign in. Here, you can also see the feedback on the service for past shoppers on the right.
The next step is to create a wishlist by adding products you wish for a Boxer to help you purchase. Just fill in all the details required in the list below and click “Add Item”. As with my experience, it’s important to upload the image of the product you wish to purchase, just for the Boxer’s reference. In that way, you can make sure that your Boxer knows what is it you want to buy.
Keep adding items onto your wishlist until you are satisfied (or when you exhausted your “To-Buy” list). When you are done, select the items that can be found in the same country to a wishlist and name your wishlist!
Once you submit your wishlist, you will be prompted to this page that shows you all the items in your order. When you reach this step, just wait for your Boxer to be assigned and for your items to be confirmed by him/her!
For this Korea Haul, I was assigned Boxer Vinna, a very patient and fast lady who loves fashion and anything fashion related. In fact, she is well-versed in almost anything I asked her, including home decor, makeup and food! The next step after your Boxer has confirmed your order, is to pay for your 1st Invoice – the total cost of items inclusive of domestic taxes and shipping. In the 2nd Invoice, you’d be paying for your shipping fees and a ShopandBox fee, in this case, 14% of the total cost of items.
I was a little taken aback at this stage for this haul because PayPal doesn’t accept Korean Won as payment currency. Thus, the cost was translated to US dollars which turned out to be much higher than I expected. Due to the ShopandBox fees being charged coupled with the US exchange rate, my take on this is to purchase sale items that you can find online. In that way, you get to save more and still get your items at a reasonable price! 😉
What do you do after you’ve paid for Invoice #1? Wait! Your Boxer will shop for you and get all your items as soon as possible. What I like about this service is that you can see when the Boxer ordered your items and he/she will also update on the arrival dates of the ordered products.
When all the items have arrived, your Boxer will prompt you to make payment for Invoice #2 and usually, after payment, your items are shipped almost immediately on the same day, if not the next, depending on the time you paid. All parcels are shipped via DHL, so you can be assured that your items will reach you in a matter of days. There will be a tracking link to DHL’s website on your parcel details as well for you to track your shipment. When your items have reached, just click on the link “Box Received” and leave a feedback for your Boxer!
ShopandBox is also mobile-friendly, so you literally can shop anytime and communicate with your Boxer on-the-go!
It was only a mere 3 days that my parcel reached my place! I was so excited to unbox my parcel when the DHL delivery lady handed me my box! Boxer Vinna very nicely bubble-wrapped all my products and none of them came with any defects! However, Vinna did make a small mistake in my purchase, she got me a Peri Pera Milk Balm instead of the Water Balm but that isn’t a big deal, I was still very satisfied with the service and recommendations she gave! 🙂
Alright, enough with all the technical stuff and let me show you my haul!!! 😀 I’ve never been so happy unboxing hauls because this is to date, my biggest haul yet because ShopandBox kindly took care of Invoice #2 for me!
Can you see my spread of face and eye makeup? This is all thanks to Vinna! I’m glad I found ShopandBox because it allows me to transcend boundaries and try brands like Peri Pera, Banila Co., Espoir, Soohyang, IOPE, Aritaum from Korea and get items that are otherwise unavailable in Innisfree Singapore!
(Featuring the Disney Frozen Tap Tap 3 Eyeshadow Palettes and Powder Pact and Banila Co. Multi-ball Powder)
Of course, I had to get some lip products as well because Koreans are known for their bright, vibrant lip colours! I can’t wait to try the Peri Pera Milk Balms for they resemble Benefit’s Posiebalm and Chachabalm, and the IOPE Water Fit Tint Lip Balm because I wanted to compare it to the Dior Lip Glow. I also got an Espoir Water Stain Lip Glow to compare it against YSL’s Vernis A Levres.
(Featured here are Peri Pera Milk Balm in No. 1 Pink and No. 2 Peach, IOPE Water Fit Tint Lip Balm and  Espoir Water Stain Lip Glow)
As mentioned, you can also purchase Innisfree Diffusers through ShopandBox! These diffusers are not available in the stores in Singapore for certain reasons and my lovely friend Lorraine really wanted it so I had to help her with these! I didn’t manage to get the Christmas 2014 candle too so I thought, why not? 😉 They smell heavenly, especially the Perfumed Candle in Red Berry!
(Featured here are Innisfree Diffusers in 0408 Green Tea and 0717 Gardenia and Innisfree Perfumed Candle in Red Berry)
I also wanted some candles that were uniquely Korean so with Vinna’s recommendation, I got my hands on Soohyang Candles. Soohyang is a brand new scent store in Kyeongridan, Itaewon, opened by a woman called Soohyang. “HYANG” means fragrance and “SOO” means excellent in Korean. Soohyang carries 33 scented candles in her showroom shop and fragrances for the candles can also be customised for you as remembrance for your special moments. They can then be named exclusively with your name on it! How cool?
For me, I just picked out its signature set, the standard one with:
  • Itaewon 565 – fresh green floral scented, kinda reminds me of Spring’s greens
  • Apricot Blossom – sweet apricot floral scented, a cheerful pick-me-up


 (The scented candles are made with 100% soy wax, phthalate free fragrance oil and is safe for children and animals)


Included in the set is a box of matches with pink heads! How pretty! Life is indeed bettter when you smell nice 😉
Now we’re on to the best part of this haul! FREEBIES! In Korea when you shop, the beauty advisors love stashing you with samples, travel-sized products and lots of masks! Shopping on ShopandBox, I get to experience that as well! It’s like the sweet icing on top of the cake!
HOW DOPE IS THIS? Honestly, if I put up this photo and call it my haul, most people will believe it. I can’t even believe it myself how Vinna manage to snag all these for me! I’m especially excited to try the sheet masks from Aritaum! I love my some sheet masks every day 😉 Yes, I am diligent, I put on a cold sheet mask before bed every single night!
So, after going through such a lengthy post, what do you think of shopping at ShopandBox? Itching for some shopping already? 😉 ShopandBox caters to USA, UK, France, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia so you can now shop at ease in all these countries!
Happy ShopandBox-ing!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Products were paid by my own pocket with the exception of the ShopandBox + Shipping fees. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It does contain information from the brand itself.

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