Her Fashion Box August 2014: Review

With so many subscription boxes popping out – from beauty (especially) to pet supplies etc.. – I was so excited to receive one that includes 2 of my favourite things: Beauty AND Fashion! I’m sure many girls will just jump for joy for this one, cause I did! It was a surprise delivery because I didn’t knew the exact date or time that this was going to be sent to me. When the postman rang the doorbell with this delivery, I literally went :O and :D!!! Thank you Chelsea from the team for the generosity!

So, what’s Her Fashion Box about?

It’s basically a subscription box that is curated to have on-trend fashion accessories like watches, bracelets, rings etc., together with beauty and lifestyle items. The reason why I love box subscriptions is because you can really try out new brands that you have never encountered or discovered and this gives you an opportunity to try before you commit to full sized products! In HFB, you basically create an account, log in and do up a style profile to determine your style (choose from Feminine, Classic or Trendy) so that you get items based on your preferences!


The best part, HFB costs only AUD$39.95 per month, no matter where you are in the world. No shipping or extra charges required so don’t be afraid that it’s going to just be available in Australia!

Okay, without further ado, let’s zoom into what’s in my August 2014’s box! My first reaction when I opened it was: :O. Like wow, there are so many things inside I don’t know where to start from! Oh and I believe mine is the Trendy Box!

(Pardon a missing item here, it’s a lip balm that will be shown below)

Let’s go one by one, item by item!

First up, Tandem Ring Set – a pair of rings linked with a chain and Stacked Rings – 4 individual adjustable silver rings! These are one of my favourites in this box because they are just so chic and trendy! I love stacked rings and I do have some in my jewelry stash so this darling here is a great addition to my wardrobe! Speaking of rings, I should really dig up my rings stash and start wearing them again.

Love & Anarchy Leopard Pouch – A designer collaboration between HFB and L&A that boasts thrilling, fierce orange leopard prints which displays L&A’s signature urban confidence. I particularly like this piece because of how it is designed with the big black label right in the middle with white bold words. It makes it look really trendy though I don’t quite fancy the canvas material. I still love it though and this is probably going to be my handy pouch when I just need something to throw my phone, some cash and cards in.

Aurora Wrap Bracelet – an orange double wrap bracelet with a gold buckle. Another one of my favourites (oops, did I just put all the fashion stuff into my favourites?)! Haven’t had any bright bracelet in my wardrobe for quite some time so this is a good addition! Time to take that Pandora bracelet off, Roanna! For people who know me, I wear my Pandora every single day, 24/7. That’s how much I love it 🙂

Next up, for someone who wears false lashes, you have to get them. Glam by Manicare GlamEyes in Bambi and Mila – 2 pairs of false eyelashes that are really natural in my opinion with the thin lash threads! I am really interested to try Mila because of the tapered ends – these will accentuate the eyes and make them appear bigger and sexier.

Beesline Lip Care – a cute yellow tube of lip balm made from beeswax (known for its healing properties) and other rich ingredients to rejuvenate your chapped lips. Being someone who constantly have dry and chapped lips because I don’t hydrate myself enough (oops), lip care is essential in my everyday makeup routine. Tried this lip balm and I quite like that it is scentless and tasteless, just an effective product that really treats my lips and doesn’t feel too oily on my lips. Thumbs up for this one!

Nzuri Organics Midnight Bloom Vegan Body Butter – high in Vitamin E, this body butter is handmade, vegan and organic! It smells herbal, minty and kinda floral? Reminds me of the Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream (雪花膏) for those who know! Oh and the brand is pronounced as IN-ZURI.

Last but not least, The Seventh Duchess Grace Organic Beauty Tea – a beautifying tea that acts as a daily tonic that replenishes your skin, giving you natural glow (hmmm…?). It is rich in anti-oxidants as well from ingredients like Sarsparilla, Rose Petal, Rose Hip and Pu Mai Tan (white tea). I’m a huge fan of tea, especially fruit and flower teas, so I’m quite excited to give this a try, though I dare say that you won’t literally see the effects of “glowing skin” with just one consumption.

Before I end this post, I just want to add in that each box comes with a Her Fashion Magazine – a consolidation of all the products’ information, fashion and styling tips and recipes (e.g. tea recipes) based on the stuff that are in the box! I really love this concept because you can literally picture how the fashion accessory is going to look like and there are also things like “how to wear false lashes”, “tips on body care” and many more. It’s a comprehensive guide I would say, such efforts from HFB! Just look at the magazine, it is so professionally made.

(I just love her eye makeup so much! The orange and the purple – swoooooon!)


Overall, I’m really loving this whole idea of combining beauty and fashion and us being girls, we get so hyped up over such things, right? 😉 With so many quality brands under its umbrella of partners, you can be guaranteed a surprise factor every single month! One thing I feel that HFB can improve on though, is the quality of the accessories. The stacked rings are nice to have, but I think the product quality can be stepped up a little.

A HUGE thank you to the Her Fashion Box team for sending this, especially Chelsea who was liaising with me!
I hope you enjoy your Her Fashion Box as much as I did!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡

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