Home-Based Nail Services @ Fling Nails: Review

Home-Based Nail Services @ Fling Nails
Fling it and flaunt it with Fling Nails!~ A new set of nails for a brand new month! I’m really hoping this set will last me for a month or so, such that I don’t have to do my nails again for the upcoming Lunar New Year. I’m really loving this set because mint green and purple are my favourite colours and I wanted something that’ll suit my white x florals get up for the new year.
My first time doing a manicure in the comfort of a home setting and I love it! You know how a complete manicure session takes up hours, especially when you’re doing a complete gel manicure with loads of designs? I always feel very sleepy after a while but because of the presence of other customers, I try to stay as awake as I can to still look glam. With a home-based nail parlour like Huiwen’s Fling Nails, I can now fall asleep at ease (even in an unglam manner)!
Huiwen, an award winner for many nail competitions such as the Pink Room Cup, has converted one of her rooms into a cosy nail room with pretty décor! I kind of forgot to take pictures of how the room looks like but oh well, you can find out for yourself if you decide to try her nail services out!


And as with my previous manicure session, the first step was to remove my existing Christmas Nails. A little sad to see it go but I knew I was about to welcome a set of pretty ones with Spring’s colours!
You can totally see how ugly my nails were after the soak off. Thank goodness Huiwen had it soaked long enough for the gel manicure to come off on their own, so that she didn’t had to scrape them away which would’ve made my nails thinner and more prone to breaking.
And here’s the exciting part – painting my nails in a design I wanted! I have never tried Aztec nail art before hence I opted for one with white designs on a marbleised base, together with a bunch of related designs to complete my entire manicure. I enjoyed the manicure session with Huiwen simply because she was really friendly and it was easy to chat with her. I kind of fell asleep towards the end though but it was comforting that she encouraged me to rest! 🙂
Because the Aztec designs were a little too much if I were to put them on all 10 fingers, Huiwen suggested me to do a half-and-half with the same colours! Oh, and not to forget the sparkly silver glitters on my fore fingers 😉
The coolest part about the manicure was witnessing how the marbleising was done! What she did was to paint a bit of purple and mint green here and there on the thumb, and use a clear gel polish to mix in the colours and tadaaaaaa! There you have it, marble art!
Here’s the final look before any designs were drawn. If you prefer a simpler design, you could opt for something like that! Love the funky colours!
But of course, knowing myself, I am not yet satisfied! Where’s the Aztec, right? Other than the Aztec design, Huiwen suggested a silver ribbon to lay on the dividing line from the half-and-half so that it looks prettier. And, I wanted a silver stud to add some oomph 😉
So here’s the final design as you have seen right from the very start of this blog post!
Overall, I really love this set of nails because I know that they won’t chip easily (because there aren’t any crystals or 3D stuff on it) plus the colours are gorgeous! However, the Aztec designs weren’t exactly very straight, perhaps because she was trembling a little while drawing but that isn’t much of a big deal because it still looks really pretty (in photos and in real).
If you are interested, at Fling Nails, Huiwen’s revised rates are as follow:
  • Gel Mani/Pedi – $28nett for single color, french, gradient
  • Gel Mani/Pedi – $55nett for full set of nail art, excluding 3D designs
  • Extensions – $80nett for single color, french, gradient
  • Extensions – $100nett for full set of nail art, excluding 3D designs
  • Extensions – $120nett for complicated designs and 3D ones
  • Express Mani – $8
  • Express Pedi – $10
 All products used are of established brand and of great quality as curated by Huiwen and you can contact her for an appointment at:
Oh and Huiwen and I decided to team up to bring you an exclusive giveaway! If you are reading this, head to my Instagram to find out how you can win yourself a free gel manicure session!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.
Disclaimer: Manicure session was by the sweet team from Fling Nails for review. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It also contains information from the brand itself.

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