Inglot Cosmetics Eyeshadows, Concealer & Lipstick: Review & Swatches

Inglot Cosmetics
INGLOT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN SINGAPORE! Alright, I know this post is rather late because the retail boutique of Inglot Singapore is up since 1st October in Wisma Atria #B1-14. Well, I had to visit the boutique when it was opened because I have been hearing so many raves on social media about Inglot’s products, especially the eyeshadows! Being an obsessed (trust me when I say that) beauty junkie, I couldn’t resist and went home with a self-curated palette, a lipstick that smells heavenly and an under-eye concealer which I bought after I obtained a $20 voucher from my purchases on the official opening day.
What I like about Inglot is that they have a unique Freedom System which allows you to mix and match colours, and even products, to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. The palette I have chosen is mainly for eyeshadows but they do come in different shapes and sizes to even cater to a variety of products like face powders, blushers and even lip products! You can definitely curate a full palette for your everyday makeup needs with Inglot.
Also, all Inglot Freedom System products come in eco-friendly reusable palettes. My only complaint is that the palette is rather heavy on its own, which makes it less travel-friendly if you wanted to pack light for an overseas trip.
Here’s my curated palette of eyeshadows! I believe in colours, because colours bring vibrance to your look – you can express yourself in colours to suit your mood and outfits. Hence, without any hint of hesitation, I dived right to picking some of my favourite shades such as the emerald green (44), purple (445) and the pinks from the rainbow series (133R). I picked out the browns from the rainbow series (125R) as well because I thought that it would make a good addition for definition. Not to forget that hot red (607) over there – I just had to bring it home because I was lusting for that red shade in Dior’s Trafalgar Palette (read Temptalia’s review here) and saw that as a possible dupe!
Also, to make sure my purchases were over $80 for the $20 voucher *winks*, I grabbed a lipstick as well and my, it smells heavenly! Kind of smells like strawberry, fruity yet with a hint of floral, if you get what I mean 😀 The shade that I got is 139 (strawberry pink) and it is very flattering on my skin tone in my opinion. It is also that kind of warm pink that’ll complement most skin tones, making it easy to wear as well! What I usually like to do is use this as an all-over lip colour before dabbing on a red in the middle just to look like I have been sucking on a lollipop – yes, that gradient lip look.

Usually, I would just get the colourful makeup items and stop there but I heard so many wonderful things about the Under -Eye Concealer and I just had to try it! My shade is 93, as matched by Margaret, the beautiful and cute beauty advisor in-store when she tried it on me. I personally feel it’s a little too dark but because it doesn’t provide that high coverage, it can be blended out with a little bit of foundation. The lighter shade was too light in covering the darkness under my eyes so I just went with 93 because it can be layered on to better conceal my dark eye circles. I like how this concealer is hydrating because most of the concealers I use for under my eyes do tend to cake up after a few hours of wear and dry off as well.

It’s swatches time as usual! I like swatching the products against my arm for you girls out there because I believe it helps in your decision in choosing the colours that will suit your skin tone. Even though it is really a hassle to swatch and clean repeatedly, I’m still glad because I hope I do provide you with information that you need! Please do tell me in the comments below if you like my swatches or how I can improve on them! 🙂
Overall, I am impressed with the products I got from Inglot and will definitely visit the store more often to see what else I’m lacking in my makeup collection (probably nothing, you girls must be thinking I have too much)! I am still learning how to incorporate blues into my eyeshadow routine and I must say it isn’t easy for me to accept such a stark colour contrast but I will try! Maybe I’ll buy some blues from Inglot just to experiment!
Till next time!
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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