It’s not just about the brows at Browhaus: Review, Swatches & Pictorial

Browhaus Makeup Review
Since we are still in SG50 (Singapore’s 50th Birthday), shall we talk about homegrown brands? I have with me today, some makeup products from Browhaus, a local brand which is your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon, built for the image-conscious urbanite who demands not just function, but style as well.
I have always known Browhaus to be a destination for all your brow services but never knew they carried some decent eye makeup products as well! Let’s dig into this cute little paint can of goodies, shall we?
It’s a feast for the eyes, literally! There are brow pencils, liquid eyeliners, gel/pen eyeliners, mascara and even lash serum! I will delve deeper into colour makeup products, mainly the eyeliners and mascara for the purpose of this review. I will be doing a simple water test to evaluate the waterproof properties of these makeup products below.
Browhaus is all about the brows! Brows frame your eyes and having a good brow shape can determine your overall outlook. Shown here are the 3 shades of the Classic Brow Lead eyebrow pencils (S$17.90) with soft spoolies. They come with a sharpener each too! Convenient, isn’t it?
The eyebrow pencils are made to be waterproof and for 24-hour lasting wear, so you don’t have to worry about your makeup fading away while you are out and about in the day! The 3 shades include:
  • Blond – for light hair
  • Asphalt – for brown/medium-coloured hair
  • Soft Brown – for dark hair
Personally, I’m not a huge fan of these eyebrow pencils because I find them difficult to draw on my brows. I’m one who loves defined and slightly darker eyebrows but these pencils are pretty light on me. I’ve used Asphalt, but it took me quite a while to build up the colour intensity.
Once drawn, it did last me the entire day on my oily skin though. I love that it comes with a handy spooly for you to comb through the hairs of your brows so as to even out the shading on the brows.

When the brows are done, do you step straight out of the house, or do you continue on with the rest of the eye makeup like me? If you are the kind of girl who only puts on a single eyeliner, then the Precision Eyeliners (S$17.90) are for you! As the packaging suggests, these eyeliners have fine tips and are smudge proof!

There are 2 shades available, mainly Intense Black and Deep Brown. I do appreciate brands that come up with brown eyeliners because I love having brown on days where I don’t feel like I need a deep, defined eye makeup look. Brown eyeliner makes the eyes look more natural.

In my opinion, these eyeliners aren’t fantastic. I’m not gonna lie, they aren’t as pigmented and intense as I thought they would be. Perhaps it’s the initial outflow of pigment that isn’t as intense but overall, I think that they are pretty average. For the price, it’s worth it though. The tips are really thin and they can give you super sleek lines.

If you are a lover for colours like I am, then you will love this set of Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners (S$12.90 each, $50 for a bundle set of all five colours) for sure. These eyeliners are basically not just liners, but also eyeshadows! They are long-wearing (yes, they last the entire day on my oily lids) and waterproof as well.

There are five shades, all satin/metallic in terms of finish:

  • Blush – a light baby pink
  • Amber – a gold bronze
  • Midnight Blue – a deep royal blue
  • Burgundy – a purple-toned egg plant/burgundy
  • Noir Shimmer – a deep grey with silver micro-glitters

Possibly because of its dual function, at first application, the liner feels softer than other eyeliners, it feels more like an eyeshadow stick. It also has a little smudger and sharpener at the end of the pen. The smudger is for you to blend the pigment out for a blended eyeshadow effect. Amazingly, this product surprised me at how long-lasting it is. Usually, coloured pen eyeliners smudge on my oily lids really easily, no matter how “waterproof or smudge proof” they claim to be, but this one didn’t disappoint at all!

Having said so much, here are the swatches of the brow pencils, liquid eyeliners and the coloured liners. All were swatched once. Notice that the Precision Eyeliner (Black) isn’t that pigmented as compared to its brown counterpart.

To end off any eye makeup look, a mascara is a must-have! Any eye makeup look without plumping up the lashes is just incomplete! It’s one of my pet peeve but I can understand why people do that because they are so hard to remove from the delicate lashes, right?

Anyway, Browhaus has a waterproof intense black mascara – HD Mascara (S$17.90) that is REALLY waterproof. You’ll know what I mean by the water test below.

It has a basic brush type of wand that’s straight, nothing fanciful, but packs a punch. It helps coat every single lash and makes sure that your lashes get all the formula they need for that oomph!

All of the products claim to be waterproof, hence I decided to do a water test, first by running under water for 30 seconds, then lightly rubbing 2-3 times before rubbing vigorously (like really hard, till my arm went red!). You can observe that the Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners live up to the name of being decently waterproof while the HD Mascara held it’s power throughout the 3 tests! As for the rest, nope, they aren’t that waterproof as claimed.

Just to test out the products, I’ve created a mini pictorial to show some colours I really adore from this eye makeup collection. Products used:

  • Brow: Classic Brow Lead in Asphalt
  • Eyes: Heavy-Duty Bi-Liners in Noir Shimmer and Midnight Blue, Precision Eyeliner in Intense Black
  • Lashes: HD Mascara
That’s all from me! What are you most interested in? 😉
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Products were given by Browhaus Singapore for my consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion without influence from others. It contains factual information from the brand. I am not affiliated with/compensated by the company.

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