Japanese Fine Dining in Aoki

Japanese Fine Dining in Aoki
Hello hello! This isn’t something related to beauty, makeup, or close to anything I usually talk about but I absolutely need to blog about this awesome experience at the wonderful Aoki Restaurant by the Les Amis Group. ♡♡♡
If you know me, I’m never a foodie and I don’t go around hunting for food, even though I have a huge love for Japanese cuisine especially sushi and sashimi (I can eat my Amaebi every day!). However, after stepping into Aoki, I must add the Mazechirashi (S$40) to my list of “Must-Eat” food. If you’ve had Aoki’s Mazechirashi before, you’ll naturally know what I mean. I’m pretty sure it’s happiness and love in a bowl that you’d want to keep coming back for (if you have spare cash of course or feel like indulging yourself).
As a non-foodie, I didn’t hold any expectations even though it’s by the Les Amis Group but I am certainly wow-ed and amazed by the freshness of the food prepared as well as the quality service experience. Without further ado, let’s dig into my bowl of fresh goodness! JUST. LOOK. AT. THAT.
This dish is made up of different types of cubed fish (Aji, Maguro, Otoro etc.), bits of Ika, Uni, Tamago, Ikura and Cucumber and many more… This dish is a harmonious medley of colours and textures as you can see and is truly a bowl of happiness and beyond. The saltiness of the marinated fish coupled with the sweetness of the tamago cubes, the richness of the uni slices and the freshness and spiciness of the wasabi, is a culmination of heavenly taste. I was literally smiling while savouring each and every ingredient in this bowl of flavours-explosion. Also, for the portion, you can eat a hearty meal.
Oh and I got the chance to actually see the making of my lunch and this is how it goes…
 (Taking out the marinated fish/seafood out to pat dry on the towel)


  (Soaking and patting dry the fish)




 (Don’t they look yummy and irresistible?!)


(All transferred into their serving bowls, what’s next?)


 (Oh YES, it’s UNI! FRESH SEA URCHIN! Can you give me the whole tray please? *puppy eyes*)


 (Not to forget, some freshly grated wasabi to taste!)


 (I always love wasabi that’s freshly grated because they just taste better!)


 (YAY! The completed bowls of Mazechirashi!)


Not to forget, my boyfie ordered his sushi platter (forgot the nice name for it) that was sooooo delicious too! It was a platter of raw wagyu beef sushi, unagi, tamago, the assorted fish, raw shrimp (MY FAVOURITE and I devoured that because he knows I love this and gave it to me), ikura etc.
(Such freshness!)
 (Yums yums in the tum!)
We were also being served appetisers before that (forgot to capture them) and of course, some bite-sized desserts that included milk pudding with raspberry sauce, homemade chestnut ice cream and plum wine jelly! Love all 3, they were a good closure to the hearty meal indeed!
Before I end of this loooooong food review, let me just show you one last interesting thing boyfie and I witnessed and were so excited about:
 (Blowtorch cooking fish!)
(How cool! Okay, it’s just me. Haha.)
And to all sashimi, sushi and jap food lovers out there, I hope I made you hungry? *winks* Don’t forget to check out this awesome fine dining restaurant the next time!
Aoki Restaurant
1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre #02-17, Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6333 8015
Mon to Sat: 12noon – 3pm, 6.30pm – 11pm
Sun: 6.30pm – 11pm
Nearest Station: Orchard
Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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