Koplina, Beauty From Within: Review

Koplina, Beauty From Within
Phew, I am finally done with school! By school, I mean university of course! It’s time for me to get a job!~ Anyway, I was feeling rather stressed out these few weeks due to the endless assignments and project deadlines and I haven’t been updating this space for a while, I’m sorry! Well, now that school’s out, I am back (for a while as exams are approaching)! Accompanying me during my busy days would have to be the goodies that Koplina sent me! Thank you very much Sharon and the Koplina team! 🙂

“Koplina” actually means “Kobe supplement for female and (ina)” and it is a Japanese company that manufactures dietary supplements for more than 30 years. Their products are all natural, with the strictest quality standards. Well, the Japanese always ensures high quality standards in the products they produce, so you can be assured that these Koplina products are manufactured with the finest ingredients too! Being “made in Japan”, I thought, why not give it a shot? 😉
Let’s look into the products I have been trying out!  I am very thankful to receive the collagen and placenta jellies as well as the famous Green Aojiru Matcha Japanese health drink and I must say these made my days feel so much better when I needed a break from the overwhelming work!
I always believe that beauty starts from within – to be beautiful on the outside, you got to maintain your diet and intake (and cultivate your character). I’m pretty sure you are no stranger to the quote, “There are no ugly women, only lazy women”. I feel that in this hectic city life, we probably have no energy after a long day at school or at work to really care about what we eat in order to keep healthy. Hence, these Koplina supplements are indeed practical to complement our diet!
Shall we start from the Green Aojiru Matcha drink? The drink basically tastes like matcha (Japanese green tea) and it’s made from young barley grass, mulberry leaves, plant-derived lactobacillus and Kyoto Uji matcha – very rich in anti-oxidants. It’s said to:
  • Improve skin condition, intestinal health and metabolism
  • Detoxify
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Keep you young and healthy
  • Provide essential fibre often missing from our modern diet
Usually, I drink this when I feel I need to regulate my bowel movements and detoxify and I found that it was relatively effective in doing so. As for the other health benefits, you probably need to regularly consume this in order to see the effects. Well, since it tastes like green tea and helps in digestion for me, why not? 😉 Oh but one thing I realised is that the sediments tend to settle to the bottom after some time which requires constant stirring.
(Word of caution: DO NOT mix with hot water as you might destroy the nutrients. Mix lukewarm/cold water instead!)
Next up, my favourite collagen and placenta jellies! They are seriously some yummy flavoured jellies that I reach out for as a snack almost every day! Since I received it, I have been consuming 1-2 strips a day just to see if it works. In all honesty, I can’t tell you for sure this product works in making your skin flawless and younger-looking because I always believe that you have to consume such products for a longer period of time for it to really take effect. I think you’ll agree with me on that. Nevertheless, I do enjoy them because they taste SO GOOD! I mean, jellies that taste like Peach, Rose and Melon? How can anyone resist?! The 3 varieties that Koplina currently offers are:
  • Collagen Jelly + Hyaluronic Acid (peach flavoured) to help the skin retain moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Collagen Jelly + Coenzyme Q10 (melon flavoured) to help to boost skin rejuvenation, elasticity and firmness.  (CoQ10 is a vitamin-like substance found in our cells, vital in the production of energy needed for cells to grow and stay healthy.)
  • Placenta Jelly + Royal Jelly (rose flavoured) to help lighten appearance of freckles, pigmentation and scars, increasing skin elasticity as well.
I particularly love the Collagen Jelly with Hyaluronic Acid one because the peach flavour tastes soooooo good! 🙂 For me, the jellies seem to be substitutes for my sweet cravings of chocolate and sweets, which is a good thing right? 😉 Say YES to guilt-free snacking while beautifying your skin!
So these are the individual packs in the boxes.
(L-R: Green Aojiru Matcha, Collagen Jelly + Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Jelly + CoQ10, Placenta Jelly + Royal Jelly)
Having said so much, let me show you a typical day of me when I take out my Green Aojiru and the jellies to pamper myself!
Alrightttt, you have succeeded in getting to the end of this post and here’s your reward – your discount code if you are interested in the yummylicious Koplina health supplements!
Simply key in the code POLOVE15″ to be entitled to a 15% discount for all regular-priced items! Go ahead and pamper yourselves with Koplina today! 😉
 Create yourself and be gorgeous! ♡
XOXO, Roanna.

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