“I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” with LA VIDA™ Deluxe Creative Brows Embroidery Service: Review

LA VIDA™ Deluxe Creative Brows Embroidery Service

Your brows are the most prominent features of your face apart from your eyes. We already know that a good pair of brows can frame the face. Having the right brow shape also opens the eye area and helps to create a more youthful look.

Achieving that #browsonfleek look can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are rushing for time in the morning before school/work. What better way to save your time and effort to get those perfect brows on 24/7 than with semi-permanent makeup? Semi-permanent makeup procedures have taken over the beauty industry by storm recently, and it’s almost as if every girl I see has jumped on the brow-wagon! Well, to no surprise, I HAVE TOO with the LA VIDA™ Deluxe Creative Brows Embroidery Service. I can finally spend more time with my pillows and bed in the mornings!

About Microblading

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery, is a new and popular technique that gives you semi-permanent, natural-looking brows. It’s a procedure that utilises a micro-blade (essentially a very small blade) to create tiny incisions with loaded coloured pigments that mimic eyebrow hairs. This means that once you have gone through microblading, you will also experience the convenience and beauty of having your #makeuponpoint. Looking perfectly polished before you head out can never be as easy as this, and well, you can finally boast and say, “I woke up like this!”


My Initial Thoughts

To be very honest, I was once sceptical about eyebrow embroidery and never wanted to have my brows done. Even though eyebrow embroidery is super on-trend right now, I did not want to just hop onto it just like everybody else. When it first started, there were not many advanced techniques out there, which resulted in brows looking artificially done. Thankful for the continuous innovation and improvement in techniques being done by beauty companies, we can all now enjoy fuller and more natural-looking eye brows. A year (or maybe two?) now, I decided to give eyebrow embroidery a try at LA VIDA™ after much research, courtesy of LA VIDA™ and MyFatPocket.

About LA VIDA™

Opening its doors since 2014, LA VIDA™ had numerous clients who entrusted themselves in the good hands of the brow specialists. Part of why I said “YES!” to LA VIDA™ was because their brow specialists are well-trained and highly qualified. The company prides itself as one that constantly looks into developing skills, techniques and technology employed to create the best results for their clients.

I went to one of LA VIDA™’s seven outlets, at Bedok Mall for the Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service, one of the highly rated semi-permanent makeup services at LA VIDA™ and I’m thrilled to share with you the process and the results!


The Consultation

The Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service, as mentioned, uses a micro-blade to create small incisions along the brow line with a pigment. Before the start of the eyebrow embroidery service, I had a consultation session from the brow specialists on recommendations for an eyebrow design that complements my facial features, skin tone and hair colour. This is a complimentary session for anyone taking up the service. I wanted to go for au natural, so the brow specialists chose a chocolate brown shade for me. Apparently as time goes by when the skin heals, the colour will fade to about 1/3 of the original shade. You do not have to worry about it looking too dark and stark.

The Microblading Process

After the consultation, my brow areas are then numbed with a numbing cream so that I do not feel anything during the session. The numbing took about 20 minutes, so I had a chance to speak to the brow specialist to understand more about the procedure. After which, my designated brow specialist then mapped out the shape of my natural brows with a pencil to demarcate the thickness and length. Because I’m all about achieving that natural brows look, I had my specialist go with the natural shape of my brows.

(Numbing the brow areas)
(Trimming the brows for brow mapping)
(Mapping the brows)

 After I got my brow shape mapped out, the actual brow embroidery commenced.

(Brows mapped!)

My brow specialist then took out her tools, including a brand-new micro-blade she popped open and started creating individual brow strands on my brows. Combining unique strokes, in accordance to the growth of the eyebrow, she created fine brow strokes with a plant-based industry-leading natural pigment.

(Creating and mixing of the coloured pigments.)

If you are wondering about the pain level, I can tell you that it’s NONE! I was pleasantly surprised because I was honestly expecting some tingle. However, be prepared to feel a slight stinging sensation about an hour later as the numbing cream subsides, for the next 2 days or so.

After Microblading

This is how my brows look like right after the session versus my actual brows before the embroidery:

(It’s a total game changer for me!)

Post-embroidery, I wasn’t allowed to have makeup nor skincare on the brows so that my skin can heal. Swimming, diving or going for steam baths were out of the question too – basically anything that requires prolonged contact with water and/or sun. A gel was prescribed for me to speed up the healing process too.

Here’s a photo to show you the state of my brows after about 4 days:

(The skin has started to peel on the left and as you can see, the skin on the right has pretty much healed.)

The very reason why I decided to do my brows was due to my hectic work schedule. Once the eyebrow embroidery is done, it can last for about 18 – 24 months (that’s almost 2 years!). It’s goodbye to the daily drawing of my eyebrows and hello to extra 5-10 minutes of sleep!

(Brows after a week. No makeup needed!)

Great Eyebrow Promotion

As part of LA VIDA™’s on-going effort to bring on point eyebrows to everyone, and in conjunction with this collaboration, the parlour is offering their highly raved Deluxe Creative Brows embroidery service at a promotional price of SGD398 (usual price of SGD1369.60) with a complimentary touch up session (worth SGD388) to all first-time customers*.

To enjoy the promotion, quote “ROANNA398” when you book your appointment!

 *By appointment only, for age 23 years old and above, at all of LA VIDA™’s 7 outlets.

To learn more about LA VIDA™, please visit the website at: www.lavida.com.sg. There are altogether 7 outlets across Singapore, and are pretty spread out with locations at:

  • AMK Hub #B1-24, Tel: 6481 5484
  • Bedok Mall #01-27, Tel: 6384 3218
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza #03-12, Tel: 6465 4491
  • Grantral Mall @Clementi #01-09/10, Tel: 6774 7372
  • Compass One #04-23, Tel: 6386 2585
  • Lot One #02-02, Tel: 6769 3244
  • Northpoint City #B1-168 Tel: 6873 1168


Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna

Disclaimer: The Eyebrow Embroidery Service is provided for by LA VIDA™ and MyFatPocket (MFP) for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am compensated by MFP for this review.

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