Restore your skin’s natural balance with LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line: Review

LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line

Lately it’s been looking all rosy on my skincare shelf in my boyfriend’s room. As I’m always staying over at his place on weekends, I have been leaving bits and pieces of me (my clothes, skincare, makeup) at his place and the one set of skincare I rely on during the weekends is the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line.

LANEIGE has always been one of my trusted Asian brands when it comes to skincare and makeup, from the Water Sleeping Mask to the BB Cushion Pore Control and recently, the new line of foundation and bases. I was so stoked when they decided to drop a whole line of skincare dedicated to restoring your skin’s natural balance with four very simple steps.

About LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line

Formulated with natural litchi extract and deep-sea water, the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line seeks to empower your skin with the fundamentals – to soothe and moisturise. Let’s go back to the basics with uncomplicated steps to regain a healthy, rosy complexion. It’s time to unleash the sparkling beauty in you!


I’ve been a user of the Fresh Calming Line for about two months now and I can’t be more thankful. The four products – the Fresh Calming Cleanser, Toner, Serum and Morning Mask – have been my skin-savers and they were definitely responsible for the glow in my complexion lately! Many of you have been commenting that my skin has improved and I must say that other than my Allies of Skin staples and some of my Origins favourites, all other credit goes to the Fresh Calming Line (and my boyfriend’s love?).

My First Impressions

What I absolutely love about this line is the very gentle formula in each of its four key products. They are very lightweight, have a watery-gel consistency that does not clog the pores and are hypoallergenic-tested to reduce likelihood of any reactions to the skin. All of the products smell like sweet litchi (or lychee) when dispensed and the rosy, juicy scent is simply uplifting. I find that it instantly refreshes your senses.

The Technology

The secret behind the range lies in LANEIGE’s Skin Equalizing™ Technology which not only seeks to soothe the skin’s surface but also controls the creation of irritants in the skin. Thus, this soothes the skin from within, helping it to maintain a stable balance. This Skin Equalizing™ Technology is formulated with two key ingredients which were mentioned earlier, natural litchi extract and deep sea water. They are the ones that reinforce the natural protective function of the skin and increase the resistance of the skin. Together, these ingredients take care of the skin from inside out.

Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser

I start my weekend mornings with the Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser. It has a watery-gel texture, dispenses clear with a light litchi fragrance. It helps to soothe the skin while moisturising it. The gentle formula cleanses the skin without causing irritation. Oh, and it doesn’t foam much as well.

Fresh Calming Toner

Thereafter, I follow up with the Fresh Calming Toner which I dispense on a cotton pad and gently wipe it all over my skin. It helps to remove surface impurities and provide an immediate soothing effect while reinforcing skin’s moisture barrier. You can almost immediately feel your skin clean and refreshed.

(LANEIGE’s products always have got a safety seal)
(Super lightweight watery texture)

Fresh Calming Serum

To further moisturise the skin, I continue with the Fresh Calming Serum, a lightweight gel textured serum that provides a refreshing effect while taking care of oily skin that lacks moisture. It’s perfect for my skin type because I tend to have very oily skin even though my skin surface is pretty dehydrated. It’s quite watery but absorbs pretty fast so no sticky after-touch.

Fresh Calming Morning Mask

The final step to a typical skincare regime would be a moisturiser, but LANEIGE has gone creative and inventive this time round. Instead of a moisturiser, a leave-on mask is made to complement the line. The Fresh Calming Morning Mask, containing the highest concentration of litchi and panthenol amongst the Fresh Calming Line, dispenses in an air-mousse form for better absorption.

This innovative mask provides a powerful immediate soothing effect while instantly injecting a source of hydration to the skin. It’s by far my favourite skincare product in the universe since I started using it! I just love how airy the texture is, yet gets absorbed really quickly to plump up your skin’s moisture levels. It may be really watery at first when you apply so do dispense in moderation.

Overall, I think I have pretty much summed up the efficacy of this new line dedicated for young skin from 16-25 years old. I guess even though I’m pretty much at the “age limit”, my skin is still categorised in the oily-dry combination segment which this line is catered for. Frankly speaking, for the price range, I really didn’t expect much and thought that it would be a very basic skincare range. Who knew it’s all about building the basics?

Are you excited to try the LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line?

The Prices

The LANEIGE Fresh Calming Line is available at all LANEIGE boutiques and counters, LAZADA Singapore and ZALORA Singapore:

  • Gel Cleanser – 230ml, SGD30
  • Toner – 250ml, SGD40
  • Serum – 80ml, SGD48
  • Morning Mask – 80ml, SGD38

Create yourself and be gorgeous! XOXO, Roanna.

Disclaimer: Product line was provided by LANEIGE Singapore for consideration. The above review is based on my true and honest opinion and experience, without influence from others or the brand. It contains information from the brand. I am NOT affiliated nor compensated by the brand.

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